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Using Excel to make a line chart full of future feeling.

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Shulou( Report--

Hello, everyone, this is Workplace struggle Man Satellite Sauce.

Today I'm here to share a line chart with a sense of the future!

Why is it a chart again?

Hey, do you remember our colleague Xiaowen?

Yeah, that's her, the first guy with a swollen face and a fat face.

Show off that you can draw pictures, but come to my rescue every time.

If she hadn't offered me milk tea, I wouldn't have come!

Well, anyway, take a look at the tutorial!

1. Line chart introduction. First of all, let's introduce when our cool picture is best used:

When you do not need to analyze each month's data in detail, but compare and show trends, especially when there is a contrast (silver line) to highlight your own product (green line), this line chart is so delicious.

You know, drawing a chart is not the more complete the better, too many irrelevant items will only interfere with the transmission of information!

It is also a knowledge to choose the appropriate chart type to make according to the data and actual needs.

2. Draw the insert chart, select the broken line, right-click, select [format data Series], turn to the end in the line page, and check "smooth Line". Every broken line is set like this.

Set the chart area color to black, and then delete the gridlines and title.

Then adjust the style and color of the horizontal and vertical axes.

Select the horizontal axis of the lower month and change the font color to white.

Right, click [format Axis], find [fill and Line], and [end Arrow Type] Select [Open Arrow].

In addition, the vertical axis is also operated in the same way.

Then it is to set the color!

Select the broken line, right-click [format data Series], fill all the comparison items with light gray, and fill your own products with fluorescent green (# 10F344)

Well, the effect will come out.

But it almost smells? It's not as cool as the first one, isn't it?

Still select the broken line and find [effect]:

Add a luminous effect and you can get what you want.

Huh? Why is it still different?

Make the line a little thinner and change the width to 1.25 pounds.

Well, that's better!

Don't you feel satisfied with the background?


Copy a beautiful picture we like in advance, go back to Excel, [format the drawing area], select "Picture or texture fill", and click "Clipboard", so that our line chart will be more hot!

Note that the background picture can not be too gaudy, after all, the focus of the chart is always the data, can not let the background dominate ah!

Finally, the name of the broken line can be camouflaged with the December data point label.

Like this:

Select the last data point of the green broken line, right-click [add data label], change the label text to "Product A", and the text color is white.

Then adjust the position of the label text. Select the chart area, move the mouse to the right border and drag to the right, then select the drawing area, and drag its right border a little to the left.

Now even the legend can be deleted!

3. At the end of today's chart class, this is the end of the small class. Finally, a brief summary, this line chart has the following main points:

❶ smooth Lin

❷ Open Arrow

❸ luminous effect

❹ data point label

❺ background image (optional)

In fact, the operation is very simple, and it is not that we have not shared similar applications before.

You only need a small design, but it is possible to put the finishing touches on your chart!

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Akiba Excel (ID:excel100), author: satellite paste

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