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Sony PS5 (light and thin version) Bank of China pre-sale: from 2999 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 18 news, Sony PS5 (light and thin version) Bank of China game console will go on sale at 0: 00 on December 1, and now it has started pre-sale in, with a digital version priced at 2999 yuan and an optical drive version priced at 3599 yuan.

The Sony PS5 (lightweight version) mainframe attached to is described as follows:

The launch of the new model is to meet the diversified needs of players, PS5 mainframe (model group-lightweight version) with a new size, to provide players with more choice and flexibility. The same technical features as the original PS5 are packaged in a delicate shape, equipped with 1TB SSD with increased internal storage space and an ultra-high-definition Blu-ray drive that can be installed.

Compared with the previous model, the PS5 host (model group-light and thin version) has reduced its volume by more than 30%, and its weight by 18% and 24%, respectively. The main cover is divided into four separate panels, with a bright appearance at the top and a foggy design at the bottom. If you buy the digital version of the PS5 host (model group-lightweight version), you can add a dedicated ultra-high-definition Blu-ray drive in the future. The bracket for PS5 mainframe (model group-lightweight version) is compatible with all PS5 models, and the new bracket will be sold separately.

The PS5 host (model group-lightweight version) uses the same custom CPU and GPU as PS5 to handle high-resolution images up to 4K, while equipped with the same ultra-high-speed SSD and integrated I / O for lightning-fast loading. At the same time, the use of DualSense wireless controller and 3D sound technology will bring a deeper sense of immersion to players, allowing players to fully enjoy the innovative game experience.

Detailed parameters: SONY PS5 PlayStation ®5 (lightweight version) digital version 2999 yuan direct link

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