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As some users did not finish downloading, byte beat's time album was postponed to December 6.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 19 (Xinhua)-- Byte beat's time album announced that the app shutdown originally scheduled for November 15, 2023 has been extended to December 6, 2023, because some users have not yet finished downloading. The shutdown time will be adjusted only once, and will not be changed after that.

According to the notice, from now on, the backup, sharing, tasks and membership functions of time albums will be turned off. After closing, you will not be able to log in and browse, and all photos and videos will be cleared. Please download photos in time; from now on to 23:59:59 on December 5, 2023, users can browse and download backed-up photos and videos normally. Please download and save photos and videos as soon as possible.

Automatic member renewal will be stopped from now on. Members who have not expired by 00:00:00 on August 15, 2023 will receive a refund for the remaining days. The automatic refund was completed on August 29, 2023. If you do not receive a refund, please go to App "my FAQ-feedback-I want feedback" and customer service to confirm the refund.

According to, the time album is App, a smart cloud album featuring intimate sharing, acquired by byte jump in 2017.

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