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2024 manned space mission logo released, incorporating Chinese traditional moire, Chinese dragon and other elements

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Shulou( Report--, November 19, China manned Space Engineering Office today released four mission signs for Tianzhou 7 and Tianzhou 8 missions and Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 manned missions in 2024.

As can be seen from the picture, the logo of the 2024 manned space mission incorporates elements such as Chinese traditional moire and Chinese dragon, while the number of stars corresponds to the mission serial number.

▲ source: China manned Space Engineering Office, author: Yang Qiannan design description

The scheme marks the colorful "7" in the middle and goes straight into the distance, symbolizing that China's space industry has forged ahead on a long journey and has written a colorful stroke in the vast space; the space station looms at the end of the road, symbolizing that the Tianzhou 7 cargo ship will dock with the space station this time. Frame extraction of traditional Chinese moire design, as a classic auspicious pattern, meaning Gao Sheng and Ruyi. Dotted with thousands of golden stars, rolling auspicious clouds spread and flowed on both sides, escorting the Tianzhou VII cargo ship in the center of the picture, expressing heartfelt wishes for this mission. The overall color matching uses traditional Chinese colors, and the color matching of the gold frame inlaid with jade is combined with the central cloisonne, which forms a sharp contrast and attractive.

▲ author: Yang Xi's design description

The starlight in space shines brightly, illuminating the long journey of the space industry and leading the vigorous development of the space industry. Combining the number "8" with the tail flame of Tianzhou spacecraft, the simple lines highlight the theme. The red, yellow and blue tail flame also shows the unlimited energy of Chinese astronauts, and implies the inclusiveness of China's space industry, as well as its efforts to promote the diversity and harmonious development of the world space industry. With Chinese blue as the main color, different blues highlight the vastness and mystery of the universe, supplemented by bright colors to show that the space industry is full of vitality and energy.

▲ author: Cao Aodong's design description

The logo style of the scheme is simple and modern, with emphasis on the sense of science and technology. the main body is the China Space Station. The position of Shenzhou 18 manned spacecraft and docking is strengthened and highlighted by yellow lines, and the mission serial number "18" is designed with a sense of science and technology. numbers as the background emphasize the task sequence to improve identification and memory. The number of stars also corresponds to the task number.

▲ author: Ding Yi design description

The scheme is a red, yellow and blue circular logo composed of the Chinese space station, Shenzhou manned spacecraft, earth, starry sky and other patterns. The number "19" is integrated into the elements of the Chinese dragon, dancing and rising. There are a total of 19 stars around, corresponding to the Shenzhou 19 manned mission, which jointly reflects the prosperity of China's space industry.

On August 31 this year, the China manned Space Office announced that China will successively carry out four missions in 2024, including Tianzhou 7 cargo spacecraft, Tianzhou 8 cargo spacecraft, Shenzhou 18 manned spacecraft, and Shenzhou 19 manned spaceship. at the same time, the annual manned mission identification and solicitation activities were launched.

According to reports, the Shenzhou 18 and Shenzhou 19 manned missions will be composed of three astronauts and will be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite launch Center. The main tasks attached to are as follows:

Carry out astronaut extravehicular activities and cargo airlock extravehicular tasks

Continue to carry out space science experiments and technical experiments

Carry out important activities such as platform management, astronaut support and popular science education.

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