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In late autumn and early winter, these scenes are very suitable for taking minimalist photos.

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There is one subject that is particularly suitable for shooting in late autumn and early winter.

Cold water, ice, long shadows on the streets, and transparent skies are perfect for shooting minimalist autumn and winter blockbusters.

Today, let's share with you how to use the various elements of autumn and winter to take a good minimalist photo:

1. Deciduous streets and parks are very suitable for minimalist style. The fallen leaves covering the ground can not only express seasonal characteristics, but also construct a unified color picture. As long as the visual center is arranged well, it looks very comfortable.

People, animals or simple buildings, trees, billboards, etc. are very suitable as the main body of the photo, in contrast to the fallen leaves on the ground, simple composition can get good results.

2. The water surface and ice surface in autumn and winter are particularly clear, almost the same color as the sky, which is very suitable for building a minimalist picture with various elements.

You can compose from a distance, so that the sky and water form a unity, and then arrange the appropriate subject in the picture;

You can also take close-up shots of the water surface, using plants, animals and even ripples in the water to build a minimalist picture.

If the temperature is low enough to freeze, then ice is also a very good minimalist theme, especially for large areas of ice, which can make the picture look very uniform;

Using a low angle or aerial view can also have a wonderful effect.

3. Snow is one of the most appropriate elements for minimalist style.

Snow can make everything appear white, just like ink painting, any kind of scenery can be photographed in a minimalist black and white style;

Under the influence of wind and terrain, snow can also present different forms and show different textures. If snow itself is used as the main body, it can also get a very good picture.

If you want special effects, you can shoot at night, in the light and snow itself, the scene will have a foggy effect, the color is very uniform and very romantic.

4. After the leaves of trees fall in autumn and winter, their shape and texture will be more prominent, which is also very suitable for showing minimalist style.

For example, under the tree upside down shot, can shoot a very linear sense and radiation effect;

The trunk, branches, and bark textures can take on interesting poses and shapes, and are ideal subjects for minimalist photos.

Compared with spring and summer, bare trees are more suitable for minimalist style, and rows of trees with a few pedestrians can also construct very tasteful minimalist photos.

This article comes from Weixin Official Accounts: Play Point Photography (ID: wakexiao), Author: AGER

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