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Sources say OpenAI investors are considering suing the company's board of directors.

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Shulou( Report-- November 21, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that some investors in OpenAI are considering legal action against the company's board of directors and are currently in discussions with legal advisers.

Earlier, OpenAI's board announced the dismissal of Sam Sam Altman, which sparked a wave of employee departures.

Tuyuan Pexels investors worry that the hundreds of millions of dollars they have invested in OpenAI could suffer "catastrophic losses" as the hot company appears to be at risk of collapse.

OpenAI's board of directors fired Altman on Friday for "broken communication," followed by Microsoft CEO's announcement that Altman would join Microsoft. As of Monday local time, most of OpenAI's more than 700 employees were threatening to resign unless the company changed its board of directors.

Minor Myers, a law professor at the University of Connecticut, points out that its employees have more leverage than capitalists.

For venture investors who usually have board seats or voting rights in their portfolios, OpenAI is controlled by its non-profit parent company, OpenAI Nonprofit, which was set up to "benefit mankind, not OpenAI investors". found that Microsoft currently owns 49 per cent of the company, while other investors and employees control 49 per cent, while OpenAI's non-profit parent holds only 2 per cent.

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"it's a big deal: most OpenAI employees threaten to resign and join Microsoft unless the board is dissolved and Altman is invited back."

Nadella announced that Sam Altman and Brockman, founders of OpenAI, will join Microsoft.

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