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China Core Technology launches its first automotive DSP chip, CCD5001, which can improve the effect of cockpit speakers and enhance voice interactive recognition.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! According to Suzhou National Core Technology official account, recently successfully developed a DSP chip CCD5001, which is known as "for high-end cockpit audio processing," aiming at the new energy vehicle market, and claimed to have planned a complete series of products. inquires the official disclosed data that the CCD5001 chip product is a DSP chip developed based on the HIFI5 architecture core, which is designed for active noise control, high-order surround sound effects, intelligent voice interaction and other application scenarios of the vehicle platform. The chip not only meets the needs of very low delay, high floating-point performance and multi-channel signal processing, but also can be widely used in industrial, transportation and other fields. Meet the needs of high reliability signal processing or real-time control.

▲ Picture Source National Core Technology official account

▲ Picture Source National Core Technology official account in FIR / IIR / FFT and other audio DSP tasks, CCD5001 uses dedicated hardware accelerators to perform general algorithms, such as finite and infinite impulse response (FIR and IIR) filtering, allowing real-time audio filtering outside of the kernel DSP, thereby improving the effective performance of the core, and providing up to 2.5x performance compared to similar chips.

Officials also said that the chip has certain audio interfaces (SPORT, SPDIF) and built-in audio subsystems (DAI, PCG), can achieve 8 TDM32, a total of 256 channels of parallel input and output functions, support series topology, greatly simplify in-car wire harness connection, reduce system cost The chip has flexible data path configuration, efficient data transmission efficiency, covers the expansion requirements of low-end to high-end audio systems, and rich peripheral control resources enable CCD5001 to be easily integrated into the hardware platform of various audio management systems.

In terms of driver software, CCD5001 has made some optimization for third-party development, suppliers and mainframe factories can reuse a large number of drivers and firmware of the existing architecture, reducing development costs.

In terms of application software, CCD5001 plans to provide customers with industry-standard tuning tools that claim to "meet the perfect balance between development quality and efficiency".

▲ Picture Source National Core Technology official account

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