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Google Maps has been updated: add entrance and exit logo of rail transit station, add group voting function

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 21 (Xinhua)-- Google has announced a series of functional updates to Android and iOS platform Google Maps App, mainly improving the "rail transit route advice" and group features.

It is reported that Google Maps will now accurately display the entrance and exit information of rail transit stations, claiming to "ensure that users will not get off or get on the wrong train at the wrong exit."

Google has also improved its algorithm for "public transport" travel, giving the best route based on "estimated arrival time, travel time and transfer times". Users can also filter traffic types in App to select designated public transport.

In addition, Google Maps has also improved the group function by adding a sub-feature called "collaboration list". Users who create groups in Google Maps can now list in the group. so that each member can vote for where they want to go, making it more convenient for parties. also noted that Google will also launch a "Emoji response" feature for Google Maps' location comments, which is mainly designed to add Emoji responses to photos, videos and comments posted by users in map dynamics, similar to Google's previous Emoji comment function in Gmail.

Users can choose to react with default emoticons, or they can use AI and Emoji workshops to create their own hybrid emoticons.

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