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Vivo X100 / iQOO 12 series mobile phones are fully open to Blue Heart small V, and other models are being adapted.

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769 for the clue delivery!, November 21, vivo announced today that the vivo X100 series and iQOO 12 series mobile phones are now fully open to the Blue Heart small V function experience, and other adaptable models are gradually opening up. noted that the above two models were released this month, both of which are equipped with OriginOS 4 system and built in the Blue Heart V, the first global intelligence aid of vivo, which is supported by AI technology.

This intelligent assistant supports voice, text, drag and drop three kinds of convenient interaction, as well as convenient and compact suspension, minimize suspension when not in use, and click to open when needed.

In addition, Blue Heart small V can systematically classify and present existing knowledge, help users sort out logic in the form of mind maps, support natural dialogue and search files without precise input of search instructions; can communicate with Blue Heart small V in natural language, and it can quickly understand even if the description is vague. has previously reported in detail on other features of OriginOS 4. The system brings new weather shutdown, new situational wallpaper, and supports intelligent experiences such as full-link parking assistant, full-link conference assistant, vivo office suite, and family health housekeeper.

OriginOS 4 has redesigned more than 2000 icons in the system, bringing a new brand-customized font-vivo Sans, which supports new screen-off and lock-screen customization functions, and users can choose different styles to create a unique screen-off atmosphere.

OriginOS 4 adds the industry's exclusive "out-of-library navigation optimization" feature. When leaving the parking lot and passing through the gate, the mobile phone will immediately identify and quickly refresh the location and route; it supports full-link parking assistant, which can quickly search and navigate the nearby parking lot when driving close to the destination; equipped with vivo smart car 4.0, voice interaction does not need to wake up words, and can control navigation, music, phone, and even text buttons on the interface.

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