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It is reported that the board of directors of OpenAI is in talks with Altman on the return.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) according to Bloomberg, OpenAI's board of directors is currently in talks with Sam Sam Altman to discuss the possibility of bringing back the former CEO of ChatGPT.

Mr Altman is in talks with at least one board member, Adam de Angelo, chief executive of Quora, according to people familiar with the matter. It is said that he may return as a transitional board member, and the talks also involve investors in artificial intelligence start-ups.

Tuyuan Pexels the company abruptly announced the dismissal of Altman on Friday, triggering a series of fluctuations. Before the end of the weekend in the United States, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella suddenly announced that he and another OpenAI co-founder, Greg Brockmann, would join Microsoft.

However, it seems that Microsoft is only giving him a platform, as Nadella told the media on Monday that "wherever Altman is, he is working for Microsoft" and that the way OpenAI is governed needs to be changed.

Of course, Altman's dismissal also caused unrest within the company. As previously reported by, almost 96 per cent of OpenAI's nearly 770 employees are threatening to resign, demanding that the board resign collectively and reinstate Altman and Brockmann.

Nadella told CNBC that he was open to employees staying at OpenAI or joining Microsoft.

Emmett Hill, interim chief executive of OpenAI, has told people close to the company that he does not intend to stay on if the board fails to explain why Altman was fired, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

Some OpenAI investors say they are considering suing the company's board of directors, fearing they could lose millions of dollars in investment as a result of a potential collapse of the most promising start-up.

In addition to Quora de Angelo, as of Friday, OpenAI's four-member board included Tasha Macaulay, Helen Tona and Ilya Sutzkerville, OpenAI's chief scientist.

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