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The GameMaker game engine used by the Legend has announced the cancellation of subscription: free for individuals and $99 for business

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Thanks to netizen imgradeone for the clue delivery!, November 22, GameMaker is a low-code cross-platform game engine that creates cross-platform games through drag-and-drop visual programming language.

The engine was originally released in 1999 and was developed by YoYo Games in 2007. The latest version is GameMaker Studio 2, which was released in 2017. Well-known games using the engine include Undertale, Chicory: A Colorful Tale, Miami Hotline 2, and so on.

GameMaker announced today that it will abandon the subscription system and offer it to individual / non-business users for free, while for business users, GameMaker will charge an one-time license fee of $99 ( Note: currently about 707 yuan), with no additional fees in the future.

Russell Kay, head of the GameMaker engine, said, "We have seen embarrassing moves by other platforms in terms of pricing and terms, so we think that if we do the opposite, it may actually be good for developers."

In addition, Russell Kay claims that GameMaker's user base has tripled since 2021, so it can now rely on buyouts to maintain its financial expenses and rely on pricing updates to attract more people to use the engine.

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