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Google's new patent shows that Pixel Watch is expected to be used as a VR device controller in the future.

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Shulou( Report--, November 22, according to foreign media Wareable, Google recently passed a new patent in the United States, which shows that smartwatches such as the Pixel Watch are expected to be used as controllers for Google AR / VR glasses in the future. notes from Google's patent disclosure that Google treats a user's smartwatch as a controller, and when the AR / VR header display detects the user's movements on the surface of the watch, the head display receives gesture data from the watch and will save it to a "gesture library" that will interpret the user's behavior in a "different way" and convert the relevant actions into command actions in the header display.

The patent chart shows that the user draws a "U" shape on the smartwatch and the head display opens the UBER application, or the user draws the "C" gesture and the user's Google Calendar is opened. All 26 letters can be bound to the shortcut operation in the header display, in a form similar to the Z Launcher launcher on the previous Nokia N1 tablet.

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