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Gorenje washing and drying set system | Let Zhijing accompany you to enjoy the pure journey of each washing.

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Shulou( Report--

In the noisy city life, home is a pure land in the world, where we relax the body, heal the soul, and find the ownership of happiness. However, the tedious housework often makes people feel tired. In particular, laundry, the shortcomings of traditional washing machines make the originally boring work more boring. Fortunately, gorenje Guloni, the leading brand of art home appliances, is full of the laundry product family with nearly 60 years of technology accumulation, many times breaking the shackles of the industry, and constantly innovating the design family to add boutique-- a new generation of clean washing and drying system, which is a design masterpiece launched to meet this physical and mental pursuit.

Since the launch of the first washing machine in 1964, gorenje laundry products have led the world many times with their minimalist appearance and excellent performance: the first touch-controlled washing machine has become a milestone in the design world; color washing machines have broken the white era of household appliances. The gorenje launches the clean washing and drying system, which continues to take innovative technology and exquisite craftsmanship as the cornerstone, and constantly brings users a full range of new washing and care experience. Gorenje cleaning and drying sleeve is a blend of European Seiko manufacturing lineage, which is equipped with four European core technologies: "AirDry healthy new air, NatureDry low temperature soft baking, SteamCare steam care, Connectlife smart things".

Inject a fresh and elegant landscape into home life. Since then, the laundry has incarnated into an inspired aesthetic space, and laundry has also become a different kind of elegant time, from which we can appreciate the beauty and poetry of life.

AirDry healthy New Wind makes Dust go with the Wind

In the post-epidemic era, consumers pay more and more attention to the hygiene of the family environment. However, the traditional washing machine is often in a closed state because of the inner cylinder, door seal and soap box, which makes the laundry more likely to breed bacteria. Gorenje cleaning and drying sleeve is inspired by the natural wind, simulates the process of natural air circulation, and innovates and develops an amazing healthy fresh air system to provide health care solutions.

Using the European innovative AirDry healthy fresh air system, the hidden fan device inside the washing machine fully covers the fresh air in the barrel, door seal, washing ration box and other parts of the washing machine, and exchanges the air inside and outside the washing machine. This innovative technology not only purifies the laundry environment, but also effectively suppresses the growth of bacteria, solves the breeding of mold, odor and other pain points caused by poor air circulation in the washing machine, and brings pleasant laundry experience. At the same time, it adds a freshness and hygiene to the washing life, so that each cleaning contains the beauty of nature, creating a pure and worry-free home space for users.

Low temperature, soft drying, careful care, glowing.

Traditional high-temperature washing will damage the authenticity of clothes. Inheriting the gene of art household appliances, gorenje adopts low-temperature soft drying technology, which integrates tranquility and warmth into every washing like an artist, calmly protecting every cherished piece of clothing.

The gorenje cleaning and drying cover simulates the natural drying process of clothes hanging in the natural fresh air by drying at a low temperature of 32 ℃, as if the soft breeze caresses the clothes, reducing the shrinkage by 50% while protecting the fiber and preventing the deformation of the clothes while drying effectively. Whether it is silk, cashmere and other high-end fabrics, or infants, close-fitting clothing, can achieve lasting luster. In the embrace of purity, clothing is full of new vitality, reflecting the user's elegant personality and taste.

Steam nursing awakens the soul of clothes

Traditional washing machine, after washing, not only wrinkled clothes, invisible bacteria, deep mites are difficult to clean, resulting in skin rash, allergic rhinitis repeated, harmful to health. The new generation of gorenje cleaning and baking sleeve is equipped with a professional steam generator, which goes deep into the fiber and gently soothes every piece of clothing, effectively removing 99.9% of bacteria, but also having the effect of removing mites, fluffy, refreshing and wrinkling. Make the clothes coruscate with unparalleled softness and smoothness, like the brush strokes of the artist, inject intelligence and vitality into the clothes. Under the clean care, the clothes take on a new look and exude charming charm.

Smart couplet, master elegant life at fingertips

Before washing clothes, do you also have the same trouble: the operation logic of the washing machine is complex, there are too many steps, and it is difficult to choose the program that best matches the dirt and material of the clothes? Gorenje cleaning and drying sets are equipped with ConnectLife smart couplet APP, which allows users to remotely monitor the status of the washing machine and set up washing procedures to create a personalized washing experience. Among them, the washing assistant module has up to 16 kinds of fine clothing classification and 9 major stain classification, which helps users to locate the required procedures more accurately, saves time and energy, and makes the laundry process easy and convenient, bringing all-round intelligent and clean enjoyment.

Endless art, outstanding scenery, choose gorenje clean washing and drying sets, you will enjoy the "more than art" laundry new experience, feel the infinite charm of art home appliances gorenje. Gorenje clean, washing and drying cover is a minimalist masterpiece in the new products, let us deduce your pure laundry journey together, enjoy the beauty of laundry and the delicacy of life.

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