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Lesser Snow from winter to the beginning of Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice refrigerator guard winter fireworks

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Shulou( Report--

It's also a small snow season in the middle of the year. It's getting colder from snow to sky. In addition to paying attention to cold and keeping warm, we should do a good job in purchasing winter ingredients and refrigerators, so that the whole family can enjoy fresh and delicious winter food with balanced nutrition. It's the happiest thing in cold weather. Samsung BESPOKE platinum refrigerator uses innovative fresh storage technology, scientific and reasonable storage design and colorful appearance to bring delicious ingredients and quality life, and protect the fireworks in cold winter.

Innovative fresh storage technology for exclusive care of ingredients

In cold winter, the whole family gathers together, whether it is a table of sumptuous dishes or a hot pot, it is a good choice for dinner. How to store food accurately, keep ingredients fresh for a long time and avoid spoilage and waste is an important issue concerned by many consumers. Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator is equipped with powerful and energy-efficient intelligent inverter compressor. It has multi-speed inverter design, which can easily adjust the output power of compressor, reduce temperature fluctuation, and make refrigeration and preservation effect better.

On this basis, BESPOKE platinum grid cross door refrigerator can also select storage mode according to ingredients, switch five preset modes of freezing, beverage, fruit and vegetable, fish and soft freezing with one button. Its frost-free moisturizing three-cycle system can also keep the appropriate temperature and humidity in each room, reduce odor confusion and protect freshness. In addition, Samsung BESPOKE color platinum two-door refrigerator fast refrigeration/fast freezing function, can easily solve the problem of large volume or easy deterioration of food preservation, one-click operation can quickly start, speed up cooling speed, for a better life to add a full sense of freshness.

Scientific storage design Flexible control of space

Prepare a delicious winter feast, all kinds of food is essential, the ability to finely store food and have a large capacity space become the refrigerator "hoarding" necessary conditions. Samsung BESPOKE platinum grid cross door refrigerator has a large capacity of 620L, which can easily meet the needs of dinner. Different from the strict separation limit of refrigeration and freezing space inside traditional refrigerator, it also adopts adjustable temperature zone design inside. It can select storage mode according to ingredients, easily switch between refrigeration and freezing, and flexibly control storage space.

Samsung BESPOKE two-door refrigerator door adopts large door frame design, reasonable layout of internal space, and adjustable height, allowing users to store drinks or drinks with higher bottles according to their needs, meeting the daily needs of the whole family. Built-in LED display not only saves panel space, enhances the overall design sense of the refrigerator, but also designs its height at the position where the line of sight and arm can reach, so that it can be easily used by opening the door, making the operation more convenient and easy.

Personalized appearance customized colorful life

Every cold and bleak winter, it seems that there are only cold colors and dark colors left in daily life. Samsung BESPOKE platinum refrigerator lights up the winter mood with colorful colors, injecting warmth and vitality into family life. The exterior of the refrigerator adopts two panel designs of bright glass and metal material, which can reflect soft luster from different angles, so that different materials collide with unique aesthetic feeling. Meanwhile, different panel colors such as halo powder, halo white, navy blue and bright moon white are provided for users to choose from, so as to meet the multiple personality needs of contemporary consumers.

More intimate is, Samsung BESPOKE color platinum refrigerator subverts the fixed mode of traditional household appliances, can realize "growth type" customization, users can choose between single-door, two-door and cross-door refrigerator, whether single living alone, two-person world or three-person family, can carry out 1+ 1,1 + 2,2 +2 and other free combinations according to the actual situation, beautiful and practical, so that the refrigerator naturally integrates into the kitchen space.

From light snow to cold winter, Samsung BESPOKE meets diversified food storage needs with intelligent and leading fresh storage technology, keeps "taste" every winter feast, and lights up colorful winter life with personalized aesthetic design, so that relatives and friends can enjoy every gathering in winter.

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