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TCL chip company Mount Star Semiconductor was revealed to be disbanded, and the employees packed up and left on the same day.

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Thanks to netizen kinja, soft media new friend 1933769, grass Luo Yuzi, Shenzhen pretty boy for the clue delivery! November 22 news, according to the semiconductor field self-media IC circle quoted internal employees revealed that TCL holding's wholly-owned chip subsidiary Mount Semiconductor suddenly announced the dissolution yesterday night, the same day employees have packed up and left the company. At present, TCL technology, Mount Star Semiconductor have not responded to the rumors of dissolution of the company. It is worth mentioning that the official website of Ferris Semiconductor has been unable to open.

Founded in Guangzhou in March 2021, Ferris Semiconductor focuses on smart connectivity, AI image processing, new display technology and IC chip design for new intelligent perceptual interaction. However, since its inception, the progress of chip research and development has not been announced, and there is no information in the chip product information column of the official website.

Internal employee chat screenshots show that employees speculate that the reason for the dissolution of Mount Star Semiconductor is that the cost of talent input is too high. Prior to this, Mount Star Semiconductor hired a lot of engineers with an annual salary of more than one million yuan from South Korea, Taiwan and other places, and the labor cost remained high, but there was no good breakthrough on the product side.

According to, if the news is true, MOS Semiconductor is already the third non-chip company to announce the dissolution and shutdown of chip research and development business this year after OPPO Zhe Ku and Geely's Star Meizu.

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