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"Chinese Paladin" bundles Steam to promote the history of autumn: four parts cost 16.76 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 22 news,"The Legend of the Sword and Fairy" national version bundle is participating in Steam autumn promotion, including "The Legend of the Sword and Fairy 4,""The Legend of the Sword and Fairy 5,""The Legend of the Sword and Fairy 5" and "The Legend of the Sword and Fairy 6" four parts, history low price 16.76 yuan.

The game is a series of computer games published by Daewoo Information, the first of which was released in July 1995.

The story of Legend of Sword and Fairy IV took place three generations ago. Yun Tianhe, a young man in the mountains, grew up alone and enjoyed playing with pigs and hunting pigs all day long. One day, Han Lingsha, a grave robber girl, broke into her parents 'mysterious tomb. The wonders in the tomb made the teenager embark on a journey of searching for the past and asking for immortals.

The story of "Legend of Sword and Fairy 5" takes place more than 30 years after the early generation. Jiang Yunfan, who grew up in the mountain stronghold, was originally an arrogant youth. However, when he stepped out of the mountain gate on Ashwood Mountain, he had already embarked on a long journey destined for him.

The story of "The Legend of Sword and Fairy" takes place 25 years ago in the fifth generation and five years later in the second generation.

The story of Sword and Fairy 6 takes place decades after the Five Generations. The more the present and the more prayer in order to find something lost, came to the ancient city of the Western Regions.

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