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Released next year, it is reported that "call of Duty" is new as "Black Operations: Gulf War"

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 23, according to foreign science and technology media Windows Central, the new series of "call of Duty" to be launched next year is confirmed to be the theme of "Black Action 6".

The report quoted a number of sources to confirm the game developer Treyarch's "call of Duty" series as a new "black operation".

Given that Treyarch's previous game was called "call of Duty: black Action Cold War", the media estimated that the new game would be called "call of Duty: black Action Gulf War".

Call of Duty: black Action 6 will revolve around the Central Intelligence Agency and study the role of the United States in conflict against the backdrop of the Gulf War.

Black operation "6" will take place during the Gulf War, the first major conflict between Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the U.S.-led military alliance.

After the Hussein regime invaded Kuwait, US President George Bush and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, together with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, deployed troops to Iraq, forming the largest military alliance since World War II. learned from the report that the game also depicts a new era of televised conflict, Operation Desert Storm is known for its live media coverage, and the war also features the largest tank war in American history, in the era before the drone war.

According to previously leaked information, the new film will return to the turn-based zombie model and reproduce the previous map of call of Duty Black Action.

Black Operations 6 will return to more traditional military combat techniques and familiar "black operations" gadgets, and will attempt to explore the nuanced narrative of the Gulf War, focusing on different participants in the conflict. It will coincide with the end of the Cold War era and explore some of its consequences.

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