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Silver Award of Hong Kong International Competition: Meijian Green Plum Wine at a new low of 19.9 yuan and 2 bottles (more than half price)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Mei see flagship store]

The daily price of Meiyan 12 degree green plum wine 150mL is 29.45yuan, place an order for 2 pieces, get a coupon of 39 yuan, and the hand price is 19.9yuan:

Tmall Mei saw green plum wine 12 degrees 150ml issued an order for 2 bottle coupons of 19.9 yuan and 39 yuan after the brokerage exceeded the daily price of 19.9 yuan per bottle, equivalent to about 39 yuan for two bottles:

Meijian 12-degree green plum wine won the silver medal of the 2019 Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Competition, as well as the gold medal of the Mont World quality Evaluation Conference in 2021 and the World quality Evaluation Conference of the International Monte Award in 2022, which were well received by professionals at home and abroad.

In addition to drinking directly, it can also be mixed with green tea, lactic acid bacteria, soda, beer and so on.

It tastes better with ice cubes.

Tmall Mei saw green plum wine 12 degrees 150ml issued an order for 2 bottle coupons after receiving 39 yuan coupons.

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