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The protagonist of the first photo of a black hole in human history has made a new discovery: it will spray to form a "lightsaber", which is 10 times the length of the Milky way.

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, the first black hole photo in human history appeared in 2019, caused widespread attention in the scientific community. Messier 87 is located 53 million light-years from Earth.

The current consensus about black holes is that they gobble up anything that comes near them, including gas, stars, planets, and even other black holes, and not even light can escape their gravity. reported in September that after 22 years of observation, it concluded that the black hole is currently rotating and periodically wobbles up and down every 11 years, with an amplitude of about 10 degrees.

The swirling gold gas and dust show polarized magnetic fields around the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, as shown in composite images obtained by the Event Horizon Telescope in 2021. Astronomers recently delved into images of the black hole taken by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) in 2021 and found that its magnetic field is strong enough to sometimes prevent it from devouring nearby matter.

Andrew Chael said: "After we delved into the 2021 EHT image, we found that energy was flowing out of the vicinity of the black hole, and we needed more sensitive images to determine whether energy was flowing out of the black hole surface." He is an astrophysicist at Princeton University in New Jersey and the lead author of the new study.

Alexandru Lupsasca, co-author of the study, said the model calculated that M87 black hole released energy into deep space like a "Jedi lightsaber millions of light years long," 10 times the length of the Milky Way.

Hubble Telescope image of one of the energy ejectors emanating from galaxy M87. Princeton co-author George Wong said: "For the energy burst of M87, you can imagine the effect of TNT explosives the size of Earth, exploding 1000 times per second for hundreds of millions of years."

This image of M87 *, released in April, is the first-ever image of a jet of energy flowing from a black hole. Related Reading:

"The first black hole photo in human history has a new discovery: rotating, oscillating periodically every 11 years"

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