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Huawei Mate60 series only call experience! It is inseparable from intelligent noise reduction and quiet calls.

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Although it has been nearly three months since it was released, Huawei's Mate60 series of phones are still hard to come by, and the phone with the title of "e-Maotai" can be made as soon as you get it, both offline and online. ‏

‏ as to why Huawei Mate60 series can be so popular, it is naturally inseparable from its own product experience, such as the unique visual aesthetics brought by the earth color card, as well as a series of innovative experiences such as ultra-reliable Black Tortoise architecture, full-focus ultra-clear images, HarmonyOS 4 and so on. ‏

‏, of course, has a unique communications experience. ‏

In fact, the "only copy" of ‏ here comes not only from strong satellite communication capabilities, but also from intelligent noise reduction and quiet calls. ‏

‏ add a "noise reduction" ‏‏ to a call you must have encountered a call scene like this: at a busy intersection, the traffic is shuttling back and forth and the noise is so loud that you have to raise your voice, but even so, the other person often can't hear you clearly; or when you hold your phone to your mouth at a buzzing banquet, it is still difficult for the other person to hear you clearly. In a noisy subway station, you even have to shout to make your voice heard. ‏

‏ in the face of these common but can not avoid the noisy environment, you may feel "powerless", a very common thing, but in these scenes become embarrassed and helpless. ‏

‏ maybe your solution is to find a quiet place to call back, but have you ever thought that adding a "noise reduction" ability to cell phone calls will solve these problems? ‏

The "intelligent noise reduction function" of ‏ Huawei Mate60 phones and the "quiet call" of Huawei Mate60 Pro+, Huawei Mate60 RS extraordinary Master are designed to help users who are often plagued by the above problems, which has led Huawei Mate60 phones to redefine the calling experience. ‏

When ‏ uses Huawei Mate60 series mobile phones to make calls, we will find that the "intelligent noise reduction mode" option appears in the notification center at this time. Click to turn it on and off, which is the switch of Huawei Mate60 series "call noise reduction" cool techs. ‏

With it, ‏ can significantly improve the clarity of calls. For example, in a noisy street environment, "intelligent noise reduction mode" can reduce or shield the surrounding environment noise, such as traffic noise, call as noise reduction in general, so that their own voice can be more clearly and prominently transmitted to each other. ‏

According to the measured ‏, in many common living scenes, such as outdoor, subway, station, home noise, etc., after turning on the "intelligent noise reduction mode", the maximum ability to suppress environmental noise is improved by 35dB, and the voice clarity is improved by 30% in noisy scenes, which allows us to chat freely in various scenarios. ‏

‏, so how does this technology work? So we have to talk about the following key technologies: ‏

‏ is first of all multi-microphone data modeling, the microphone of the phone is equivalent to human ears. Huawei Mate60 series makes full use of multiple microphones, which are equivalent to human ears, to increase the differentiation of different sound source directions, so it can capture sound more clearly and more acutely, capture target sound source in noisy environment, and achieve the amazing experience of picking up sound clearly and suppressing noise. ‏

‏ is followed by AI noise reduction algorithm, which can easily distinguish between speech and noise patterns after massive data training. By efficiently dealing with the background noise during the call. ‏

With AI algorithm, ‏ naturally cannot do without the powerful computing power of deep neural network processor NPU. Huawei Mate60 series of powerful NPU processors can support large model operations, making it easy for AI models to run on end-to-side devices. In the end, it will significantly improve the clarity and quality of the call, so that the other person can hear you more clearly. ‏

‏ is worth mentioning that the "intelligent noise reduction mode" is not only suitable for phone scenes, including "Changlian" or Wechat voice calls, but also the "intelligent noise reduction mode" pop-up window only appears in the first few times of the call, and then no longer pop up, humanized design, so that your every call experience is "smooth". ‏

‏ in addition, Huawei Mate60 series of this "call cool techs" is not exclusive, including Huawei Mate X5 folding screen phones also support this feature. ‏

‏ quiet calls, protect your call privacy ‏‏ next talk about Huawei Mate 60 Pro+, Huawei Mate 60 RS device exclusive "quiet calls" function. This is also a function that we urgently need in our daily calls. In many cases, when talking in a quiet environment, we often encounter the situation of "tone leakage" of the phone. the sound of the handset is too loud, which leads to leakage, just like turning on speakerphone, and the people next to the call can hear it clearly. You might say, why not just turn the volume down? But the voice decreased, and I sounded laborious, so I had to keep the receiver close to my ear. What's more, you can't make the voice on the other end of the phone go down the same way, so you have to press the volume button frequently, which is troublesome and troublesome. ‏

‏ Huawei Mate 60 Pro+, Huawei Mate 60 RS device exclusive "quiet call" can solve these problems-through innovative dual-film dual-drive design, combined with sound field control algorithm to protect the privacy of calls. ‏

To put it simply, the blessing of this function will make the sound on the other end of the phone clear and bright, and will be directed to your ears without omission. In relative privacy scenes such as offices, elevators and cars, it can also reduce the loudness leakage of the handset and reduce the risk of user privacy leakage. ‏

The "quiet call" feature of ‏ takes effect in all scenarios in the handset mode. It also supports application scenarios such as cellular call, Changlian call, Wechat call and Wechat Mini Voice. ‏

‏ wrote that in the end, it is an accepted fact that ‏‏ Huawei has a strong mobile communication experience. Many times, when talking about these advantages, everyone will think of the reason why Huawei's mobile phone network signal is stable and strong. But in fact, it is not that simple, communication is a very large and "subtle" project. ‏

‏ Huawei mobile phone has a good reputation for communication, not only because of its strong signal, but also because of its excellent experience in details such as "quiet call" and "intelligent noise reduction". These functions may seem inconspicuous, but they can always help you at a critical moment, making you feel "hard to get back". ‏

‏ has long been crazy about the configuration and imaging of smartphones, which seems to make manufacturers gradually forget the most basic experience of calling, but we are also pleased to see that there are still brands like Huawei that have achieved adequate "humanistic care" in these most detailed and even inconspicuous places. ‏

‏ Huawei Mate 60 series not only brings a smoother communication experience to consumers, but also demonstrates Huawei's attention to detail and users, which is one of the reasons why Huawei mobile phones have become the first choice for consumers and a leader in the industry. ‏

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