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Qichen Big V hydrogen Environment will open a demonstration operation in Guangzhou in January next year: equipped with hydrogen fuel cell, the price is 998800 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, Dongfeng Motor brand Qichen first hydrogen fuel cell model Qichen large V hydrogen environment, will be in January 2024 in Guangzhou Huadu District commercial demonstration operation, a period of 36 months.

During the commercial demonstration operation of Qichen V Hydrogen Environment, environmental protection, efficient and safe travel services will be provided to government agencies, enterprises and communities in Huadu District of Guangzhou in the form of park shuttle buses and official vehicles. Dongfeng Motor will be responsible for hydrogenation and after-sales service during operation to ensure the stability and reliability of vehicles.

According to, the price of Qichen Big V Hydrogen Environment is 998,800 yuan, which adopts 60kW fuel cell system independently developed by Dongfeng Motor and lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery of Fudi brand. The maximum motor power of the vehicle is 160kW. With hydrogen-electric dual drive, the vehicle can reach 500km of cruising range when it is fully charged with hydrogen.

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