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[out of the box] Glory 100Series Picture reward: unique color matching and ID design, the first glorious oasis eye screen

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Shulou( Report-- November 23 news, November 23, Glory 100 series new products officially released, the price starts at 2499 yuan.

Glory 100 series creates a brand-new design style on the basis of inheriting the family aesthetic gene.

Among them, Glory 100 Pro's camera module adopts the design of "Mirror of New Art" which constructs mirror symmetry in irregularity. It is reported that the design was inspired by Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi's architectural work "Mila House," paying tribute to the Art Nouveau Movement.

Glory 100 Pro Monet Purple Glory 100 series has Monet purple, butterfly blue, moon shadow white, bright black four colors, got glory 100 Pro Monet purple color and glory 100 moon shadow white color

Glory 100 White Moon

Lens module part, Glory 100 Pro "Mirror of New Art," central symmetrical patio window design form, mirror symmetry in waist line part, arc flashing, realizing static visual tension.

Glory 100, on the other hand, uses a "crescent" design, with decorative C-shaped metal rings embedded in the box, deco as if the crescent moon hung in the sky.

On the back panel, Glory 100 Pro adopts the splicing design usually used in luxury bags and high-end fashion, which is eye-catching. The collision between glass and rattan checkered embossed skin is also very creative. In addition to bringing a strong sense of contrast, it also presents a wonderful deconstruction effect.

Glory 100 Moon Shadow White color matching through flash sand material and double film double plating and other processes, to achieve a delicate light and shadow texture effect.

In the image part, Glory 100 series brings "SLR photo camera," the first Sony IMX906 bottom sensor, support OIS optical image stabilization, among which Pro version also equipped with 50x telephoto optical image stabilization lens, support 2.5x optical zoom.

In terms of screen, it is equipped with "Glory Oasis Eye Protection Screen," represented by 3840Hz UHF PWM dimming, supporting natural color display, 360° adaptive dimming, similar natural eye protection, sleep aid display and other eye protection technologies.

Glory 100, Glory 100 Pro

Glory 100, Glory 100 Pro

Glory 100 configuration, Glory 100 Pro equipped with the second generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip, Glory 100 is the third generation Snapdragon 7 chip, the whole series supports virtual independent display technology, the whole series is equipped with glory self-developed RF enhancement chip C1.

Glory 100 Pro Monet Purple Map Reward:

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