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Jurassic World: evolution 2 Free DLC Cretaceous Predator launched on November 30 with four new dinosaur species

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Shulou( Report--, November 24 (Xinhua)-- the simulation game Jurassic World: evolution 2, the free DLC Cretaceous Predator, will be released on November 30, adding four unique Cretaceous new species, namely Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Giant dinosaur

Microraptor is a large theropod dinosaur found in Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia, China. Microraptor, which belongs to the family Paronychidae, is the largest egg-stealing dinosaur ever found.


Utahraptor, who lived in the early Cretaceous, is a large dinosaur with giant sickle claws of the second toe of its feet up to 22 cm long and 5 to 7 meters long.

Cuenca hunting dragon

Cuenca is a small shark-toothed dinosaur that is only about 5 meters long. Compared with other shark-toothed dragons, the most striking feature of Cuenca is its towering nerve spines on the two dorsal vertebrae adjacent to the shoulder vertebrae. The dinosaur lived in the early Cretaceous about 130 million years ago and was first discovered in Spain.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large Tyrannosaurus rex found in Asia. It was very similar to the North American Tyrannosaurus Rex in appearance and was the top predator in the ecosystem at that time. Tyrannosaurus Rex is slightly smaller than Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyrannosaurus rex, but significantly larger than other Tyrannosaurus Rex, with a maximum skull length of 1.3 meters, a body length of about 10 meters, a hip height of 3 meters and a weight of 5 tons. noted that in addition to the new dinosaurs, DLC will also introduce new features:

Pre-built layout

Officials have created a pre-built layout that players can use directly in sandboxie mode. These pre-builds will be provided as options in sandboxie and custom challenge mode.

New decorations

Your dinosaur park will have more decorations! Customize your park with new facilities such as new dustbins, benches, flowerpots and fountains. All architectural styles and times can use these new decorations to add a little extra color to your park.

New function of shooting mode

You can change the time of day and weather in shooting mode. This does not affect the way the game is played, so when you leave capture mode, the weather and time of day will recover immediately.

A new variety of dinosaurs

Allosaurus 2022

Dentodon 2022

Pterosaur 2001

Brachiosaurus 2001

Stegosaurus 1997

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