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Subaru (China) recalled 2496 imported CROSSTREK, Aohu and Forest Man series cars due to improper heat treatment.

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Shulou( Report--, November 24, according to the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, Subaru Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. recently filed a recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and decided to recall the following vehicles in accordance with the requirements of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products and the measures for the implementation of the regulations on the recall of defective Automobile products.

1. From now on, a total of 24 imported CROSSTREK, arrogant Tiger and Forest Man series cars produced from September 6, 2023 to September 8, 2023 will be recalled.

Due to improper heat treatment of the vehicle within the scope of this recall, cracks may occur on the surface of the outer seat ring of the front drive shaft universal joint and the decrease of material strength, resulting in the problems of damage of the outer seat ring of the universal joint, poor power transmission and decline of driving force in the course of use. increase the risk of vehicle collision, there are safety risks.

Subaru Automobile (China) Co., Ltd. will check the left and right front drive axles for vehicles within the recall range free of charge, replace the front drive axles for defective batches of parts, in order to eliminate safety risks.


Forest Man II, starting from January 11, 2024, recall a total of 2472 imported arrogant tiger series cars produced during the period from February 10, 2021 to June 30, 2021.

Within the scope of this recall, due to insufficient sealing of the switch of the gear suppressor, moisture may enter the inside of the switch, resulting in poor switch contact. When the vehicle starts, there may be situations such as unable to start the engine, engine warning lights on, etc.; after the vehicle starts, the reversing lights may not be lit, and the reversing images may not be displayed, which increases the risk of vehicle collision and there are hidden dangers.

Subaru Motor (China) Co., Ltd. will replace the gear suppressor switch for vehicles within the recall range free of charge to eliminate safety risks.

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