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The star series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center is released to unlock the new experience of ideal kitchen life.

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For modern families, the kitchen is no longer a single cooking space, but also a space to show the taste of life and social communication. Therefore, people's requirements for the kitchen are getting higher and higher. Especially the younger generation, not only hope that the kitchen can be pleasing to the eye, but also hope that the purchase of kitchen electricity can meet their diversified cooking needs.

As a technology kitchen and electricity brand in the industry for 40 years, Schindler launched the Integrated Cooking Center Star series on the basis of profound insight into the needs of young consumers, to meet the dual needs of young people for kitchen aesthetics and space utilization with intelligent integrated technology.

Ultra-thin design, reshaping kitchen space and aesthetic order

An inch of gold and an inch of earth in the kitchen, every inch of space must give play to its maximum value. To this end, the Schindler Integrated Cooking Center Star series cigarette machine adopts 10cm's thin stainless steel body design to provide more cooking space for the kitchen. In the cooking process, "chefs" are no longer afraid of being limited by space, turn the pot, shovel, show their skills, can enjoy to show their "18 martial arts."

For young people, cooking carefully is not only for satiety, but also an attitude of loving and enjoying life. When the meaning of "cooking" changes, users' requirements for cooking space and cooking tools will naturally increase. While dishes pay attention to color, flavor and flavor, kitchen electricity should also meet the higher-level aesthetic needs of current users.

Schindler Integrated Cooking Center Star series smoke machine breaks through the previous kitchen and electrical products "black or steel" appearance color matching design, using cold and elegant zircon blue color matching to build a new fashion aesthetic order. Product form, inheriting the Chinese horizontal and vertical aesthetic concept, the screen, the fuselage are as pure as a mirror, such a design can be naturally integrated with the cabinet space, showing the space order aesthetics.

Wisdom linkage to create a new "clean" world of smoke-free kitchen

While showing superb culinary skills, how can it be disturbed by the lampblack in the kitchen. Schindler Integrated Cooking Center Star series smoke machine breakthrough adopts synchronous lifting opening and closing design, diving close to the smoke source, opening and closing wide area smoke, with DC frequency conversion fan system to achieve 24m ³/ min stir-fry air volume, so that lampblack is quickly sucked away.

1100Pa DC frequency conversion large static pressure, more than twice that of the traditional smoke machine, one button to turn on the automatic cruise function, automatically detect the change of public flue pressure, intelligently match the air volume to achieve flue overtaking, oil fume smooth discharge, put an end to the occurrence of lampblack backflow phenomenon, and solve the problem of smoke exhaust during the peak period of high-rise users. The hot air self-cleaning function thoroughly solves the problem of cleaning the tobacco machine, which dissolves the wind turbine oil through high temperature and removes the oil at high speed, making the tobacco machine as new for a long time and running more stable.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, smart home appliances have been gradually integrated into our lives. The star series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center also adopts intelligent linkage design, that is, smoke stove linkage, smoke steaming linkage, smoke roasting linkage, when the stove and steaming oven are opened, the wind machine is automatically opened, lampblack and steam are discharged automatically, and there is no peculiar smell throughout the process. Lampblack and steam do not hit the face, "net" enjoy a smoke-free kitchen.

One for seven, enjoy the freedom of efficient and diversified cooking.

As we all know, there are many kinds of Chinese cuisine, and there are also a variety of cooking methods, such as frying, steaming, boiling, stewing, stir-frying and so on. This means that Chinese kitchen electricity needs to take into account a richer functional scene, while maintaining a "specialized and sophisticated" approach to each cooking style.

The star series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center integrates cigarette machines, stoves and steaming modules into a high-end kitchen experience with high-end stir-frying, steaming and frying.

In the stove module, Z90 is equipped with Schindler 7th generation ring thin fire burner, 5.2kw heat load, 65% high thermal efficiency, far higher than the national first-class energy efficiency standard, making frying more meticulous, stir-frying more powerful, and more suitable for Chinese kitchens.

In addition, the star series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center also inherits Schindler's classic complete upwind technology, which can achieve full closure of the liquid tray, effectively prevent soup from leaking into the stove, and prevent the risk of tempering. The design of the integrated furnace head is easy to dismantle and easier to clean, which reflects the humanization consideration of Schindler in the product industrial design in all aspects.

As a masterpiece of Schindler 2023, the star series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center is also equipped with intelligent temperature sensor to realize automatic fire break over temperature and protect cooking safety. The cook can also turn off the fire regularly through the kitchen menu, bid farewell to frequent care, and make both soup and drama.

In the steaming and baking module, the Star Series of Schindler Integrated Cooking Center is equipped with 66L large-capacity steaming and baking machine, which can realize fresh steaming and tender roasting plus the hottest air frying function in one step, which is controlled by the kitchen menu in one steam. bid farewell to the pain point of the traditional embedded stove bending operation, one button directly to delicious, making cooking easier. It is worth mentioning that the new low-fat air frying function uses high-speed hot air technology, higher thermal efficiency, less oil, crisp and healthy. The machine comes with more than 50 intelligent recipes, such as steamed perch, Portuguese egg tart, roasted whole chicken, etc., professional AI cooking curve, one click directly to Chinese and Western cuisine.

On the whole, Schindler Kitchen Power is consumer demand-oriented, launching an integrated cooking center star series that meets the needs of users, reshaping kitchen space and aesthetic order, and creating a more efficient, intelligent and diversified cooking experience. So that the kitchen is not only a place for food processing, but also a pleasant place to meet the fun of cooking, as well as a social space with social attributes.

Today, with the increasingly personalized and diversified consumer demand for kitchen electricity, Schindler breaks through its own category boundaries with technological innovation and launches the integrated cooking center, a brand-new product, which breaks the traditional cooking scene and cooking methods and broadens the cooking boundary. at the same time, it also provides a new development space for the enterprise itself. At present, Schindler Kitchen Power has built a new pattern of traditional three-piece set, integrated cooker and integrated cooking center troika running side by side, covering different consumer needs with a diversified product matrix, providing ideal cooking solutions for Chinese kitchens.

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