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The agency announced the domestic Singles' Day mobile phone war report: Apple ranked first, Xiaomi grew by 28%, and Huawei grew by 66%.

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Shulou( Report--, November 24, according to the latest report released by market research firm Counterpoint Research, during the two-week Singles' Day event, domestic smartphone sales increased by 5% year on year, which will boost the performance of mobile phone sales in the fourth quarter.

Singles Day Battle report (October 31-November 13, 2022; October 30-November 12, 2023)

Mengmeng Zhang, a senior analyst in China, said:

Singles Day boosted smartphone sales in the fourth quarter, while Huawei, together with Xiaomi, continued to maintain strong momentum, and Xiaomi's sales performance was boosted by hot sales of Xiaomi 14 series.

Huawei's success and climb in the rankings are mainly due to the recent launch of the Mate 60 series and other old P-series. Under the influence of the base effect, Huawei's smartphone business has risen across the board.

Archie Zhang, a Chinese analyst, pointed out:

Although China's mobile phone market has not yet returned to the level before the COVID-19 epidemic, we expect significant growth in 2023 and will continue into 2024.

Ivan Lam, a senior manufacturing analyst, observed:

Compared with last month, Apple is improving, but it still seems to have supply problems. As the current supply crunch normalizes, the year-on-year data are likely to enter a positive region.

The original address of the report is attached to, which can be read in depth by interested users.

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