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To create a perfect integration of luxury and intelligence, M9 leads the new trend of science and technology.

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Recently, the new energy vehicle M9 was shockingly unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Once it was launched, it achieved a blind booking breakthrough of 30,000 vehicles, which has attracted much attention. This model is known as the "best SUV of 10 million" and has sparked discussion in the field of technology. In the field of mobile phones, the "King" usually refers to the mobile phone of the year, which is far ahead in configuration, so in the automotive field, can the existence of "King of cars" also be defined? Today we will discuss whether the M9 is worthy of the title of "King of Technology cars".

As a luxury electric vehicle empowered by Huawei, the M9 will bring users an unprecedented driving experience and visual feast. From the point of view of appearance, M9 uses a unique design language, which combines the dual color design and Huawei's unique innovative elements. The lines of the car are smooth and dynamic, like a Kunpeng spreading its wings. The top is equipped with watchtower lidar, which provides omni-directional and high-precision environmental awareness, so that you can always maintain safety and confidence while driving. The ring-shaped daily lights around the car body emit bright light through the optical fiber guiding structure, highlighting the unique temperament of the boundary M9.

It is reported that in terms of energy consumption, according to the public information previously released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the energy consumption of the M9 remains at a lower level of the same level-the whole vehicle energy consumption of the extended-range model is as low as 6.9L / 100km, the 100-kilometer power consumption 24.3KWh / 100km, and the 100-kilometer power consumption of the pure electric version 17.4KWh / 100km.

The HarmonyOS4.0 intelligent cockpit system equipped with the M9 brings users a smarter and more convenient experience, allowing drivers to focus more on driving and road conditions. On the other hand, Huawei ADS2.0 intelligent driving system provides a safer and smoother driving experience for drivers through the accurate coordination of lidar, camera and other sensors and control algorithms.

In addition, the M9 is also equipped with advanced technologies such as HUAWEI xPixel smart headlights and AR-HUD head-up display. HUAWEI xPixel intelligent headlights can automatically adjust the brightness and light distribution to improve the safety and comfort of driving at night, while the AR-HUD look-up display projects the driving information to the driver, so that the driver can get the key information without bowing his head.

One of the cards of the M9 is said to be equipped with a Turing intelligent chassis to complete the intelligent transformation of the chassis. Prior to this, the chassis is a rare "strength" of traditional automakers, and the new forces of car building are often intentional but powerless. With years of technology accumulation, Huawei has successfully combined the elements of wisdom with scientific training and high-end materials to create a Turing intelligent chassis with a driving experience far beyond the traditional chassis. I believe that if it is really shown in the M9, then the strength of the car will be further improved.

Asking the boundary M9 can be said to create a new integration of technology and luxury in the future. With its outstanding innovative technology, it turns the scientific and technological miracle into reality, and leads the scientific and technological luxury of the new era. In this auto show, the M9 has attracted the attention of many executives of European and American auto companies, who have stopped to watch and marvel. As a brand-new strength brand with intelligent manufacturing speed, product quality, hard core technology and user care, the M9 is its finale, showing a strong scientific and technological strength. The M9 is not only a car, but also an interpretation of the perfect combination of technology and luxury.

The sales performance of the M9 is obvious to all. In the price range of 50-600000 yuan, the M9 has taken more than 30,000 blind booking sales. This is a high recognition by consumers of Huawei's technology and the strength of the M9, and it will also allow the M9 to fully seize the opportunity to smile and see the situation.

Whether it is the advanced intelligent driving system or the amazing technology configuration, the M9 will bring users an excellent driving experience. It is a car that really leads the future and represents our constant pursuit of technological progress and innovation. The M9 is about to start a new driving experience, let us witness the wonderful integration of technology and luxury.

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