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The whole series of Huawei intelligent door locks has been upgraded to Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4, supporting weather reminders and linkage smart screens.

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Huawei recently announced the smart door lock series upgrade Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4 schedule, the whole series will be upgraded one after another this year. attached schedule:

Huawei Smart door Lock Pro: started

Huawei Smart door Lock: end of November

Huawei smart door lock SE cat's eye version: early December

Huawei smart door lock SE:12 mid-month

According to reports, Hongmeng HarmonyOS 4 upgraded voice message memo to support custom input of human voice, automatic broadcast of rain and snow weather, picture-in-picture on smart screen, support for linkage with Huawei smart screen V5 Pro, visitors can see portraits on the big screen by ringing the doorbell.

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