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Come to to participate in the pre-sale of the OPPO Reno11 series with artist signature blessing money and custom avatar mobile phones.

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SLR portraits, see as you want. On November 23, the OPPO Reno11 series was officially released, priced from 2499 yuan, and will go on sale on November 25. At present, has started the pre-sale at the same time. To participate in the pre-sale, you can enjoy a reservation of 50 yuan, and the price of starts at 2449 yuan. you can also enjoy free wireless Bluetooth headphones, 30-day worry-free return, trade-in up to a maximum subsidy of 1200 yuan, 4-year official battery insurance, plus 9.9 yuan for one-year extended guarantee. Among them, OPPO Reno11 can enjoy 12 interest-free, one-year unlimited broken screensavers, OPPO Reno11 Pro can enjoy 24 interest-free, 50% discount to buy two-year broken screensavers. In addition, 's participation in the pre-sale of the OPPO Reno11 series has the opportunity to get OPPO Reno11 good luck engraving, a mobile phone with artist-signed blessing money and a custom avatar.

Over the years, has relied on strong supply chain advantages and continued to cooperate deeply with OPPO and other manufacturers to help the launch of new products through marketing co-creation, differentiated services and omni-channel capabilities, bringing one-stop machine purchase services to consumers. The OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with four years of ultra-durable batteries, next-generation space audio technology-holographic audio, 5000 million SLR full-focus three-shot, image, range and other aspects have been improved, bringing consumers a better experience.

OPPO Reno11 series is divided into OPPO Reno11 and OPPO Reno11 Pro. Among them, OPPO Reno11 carries Tianji 8200 flagship chip, ColorOS supercomputing platform and Tianji chip team in-depth joint adjustment, fully release the performance of Tianji chip, e-sports experience online. OPPO Reno11 Pro carries the blood version of Snapdragon 8 + chip, the performance is equally powerful. OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with ColorOS14 system, which supports instantaneous loading of picture library, lossless compression of memory and repeated merging of files, which is more convenient and easy to use. The OPPO Reno11 series also supports fluid clouds and accesses massive life services to make life more convenient. The OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with a four-year super-durable battery, which can maintain a battery capacity of not less than 80% after four years of normal use. OPPO Reno11 carries 4800mAh battery, supports 67W long-life version of super flash charge, OPPO Reno11 Pro carries 4700mAh battery, and supports 80W long-life version of super flash charge.

In terms of screen, OPPO Reno11 is equipped with 120Hz super comfortable eye dimming screen, while OPPO Reno11 Pro is equipped with dynamic light and shadow screen, which makes it feel comfortable. The OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with the next generation space audio technology-holographic audio, which makes the auditory experience more shocking. In design, OPPO Reno11 series brings four colors of moonlight gemstone, fluorite green, turquoise green and accolade black, in which the first light rhyme gem technology is used to create 708 nail rings and glacier gemstone discs, shining, exquisite and elegant.

In the image, OPPO and Tianji chip team focus on debugging Tianji 8200 Oppo Reno11 and inherit the same superlight shadow image engine of Find series, which makes the portrait shooting better. At the same time, the OPPO Reno11 series is equipped with 5000 million SLR full-focus three shots, which is composed of 112-degree SLR ultra-wide-angle lens, 5000 million SLR wide-angle main camera and 3200 million SLR portrait lenses. The OPPO Reno11 series also supports flash matting, facial features deficiency, and SLR portrait mode, making it easier to take pictures.

If you want a new phone with excellent photo performance, you can come to to participate in the pre-sale of the OPPO Reno11 series, and you can also enjoy super benefits such as a reservation of 50 yuan and unlimited broken screensavers a year.

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