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Great Wall: Wei latte PHEV is listed in Europe, starting at 47990 euros

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Thank netizens for the past, Mr. Aviation's clue delivery!, November 24, according to the official news of Great Wall, the Wei latte PHEV (WEY 03) officially went on sale in Europe on November 22, and three versions are available at prices of 47990 euros, 51990 euros and 56990 euros (about 370000 yuan, 400000 yuan and 440000 yuan) respectively. Note: the domestic price of Wei latte DHT-PHEV model is 229000 yuan-263000 yuan.

Great Wall said that at present, Wei Brand has successfully entered the German and British markets, and its future brand influence will expand to eight European markets, including Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland.

Latte DHT-PHEV adopts intelligent DHT series-parallel technology and is equipped with a power assembly composed of 1.5T engine, 130kW highly integrated DHT gearbox, 34kWh high energy density battery package and 135kW high performance electric rear drive axle (four-wheel drive). In terms of performance, officials say the car can produce a maximum of 321kW comprehensive power, 762N m comprehensive torque, and achieve 5.2s zero acceleration. In addition, the two-wheel drive version can achieve 184km ultra-long pure electric life, 1000km + comprehensive battery life.

Latte DHT-PHEV supports three ways to replenish energy, including 48kW extremely fast charging, with electricity ranging from 10% to 80%, which takes only 29 minutes; 6.6kW intelligent slow charging, which can be fully charged in 5 hours, and supports mobile phone App or car phone to make an appointment to charge; 3.5kW home charging, connected to the 220V power supply at home. Latte DHT-PHEV also has the function of 3.3kW external discharge.

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