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Focusing on welding, palletizing and screw tightening, ethnic robots appeared in four large-scale exhibitions at the same time.

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Shulou( Report--

In just 10 days from November 15 to 25, ethnic robots attended almost four large-scale exhibitions in Shenzhen (High-tech Fair), Tianjin (International Shipping Fair), Jinan (Zhijian Exhibition) and Bangkok (METALEX). Centering on the theme of intelligent manufacturing, ethnic robots focus on the applications of collaborative robots in welding, palletizing, screw tightening and intelligent 3D inspection, so that industry exhibitors and partners can more intuitively feel the core advantages of ethnic robots in the above areas.

With a high degree of automation, large robots are more suitable for welding applications.

In addition to ship welding, large robots also focus on the layout of bridges and steel structure welding business to promote the further automation of welding in the industry.

In terms of technology, the measured repeated positioning accuracy of large robots is as high as ±0.02mm, with a unique double-joint module design, a mechanical arm structure more suitable for welding applications, and more flexible and accurate welding; the Elfin-Pro series with integrated end force control is used in welding scenes, and users can easily achieve drag and drag with less than 3N drag force. At present, large robots have supported "arc tracking", "laser visual seam tracking" and "multi-layer multi-pass welding" to create more simple and efficient automatic welding applications for customers.

In the construction of biosphere, ethnic robots are highly adapted to domestic and foreign welding machine brands such as Magmet, Roche, Otai, Binzel, Panasonic, Funis and Idaxin to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Of course, ethnic robots also continue to explore innovative applications and customer needs in the welding field. "the instruction-free intelligent welding robot we have developed with our partners explores welds through industrial-grade 3D cameras." and guide the robotic arm to carry out welding operations with a high degree of automation and complete welding tasks without human intervention. "

Up to 30 boxes per minute, large robots are more suitable for palletizing applications.

There are a large number of palletizing requirements in food and beverage, logistics warehousing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Based on S-series cooperative robots with large load and large arm development advantages, large family robots bring a new palletizing experience for customers in the industry.

The large family robot has accumulated more than ten years of technology and experience in high-performance motor, reducer, servo drive system and so on, and customized and optimized for the palletizing application scene to make it more suitable for palletizing requirements. Up to now, the maximum load of large robots can reach 25KG, and in high-speed mode, the palletizing speed can reach 13 boxes / min and the maximum height is 2.2m. In palletizing technology, it supports spot inspection, cross palletizing, single and double suction automatic switching palletizing, unfilled palletizing continuation, palletizing type customization, etc., to meet all kinds of palletizing needs.

Clan robots can provide partners with all-round support such as hardware, software, parts and components, and jointly empower customers.

With 7 times load torque, large robots are more suitable for tightening large screws.

Screw tightening is very common in the industrial field.

In the screw tightening operation, the reaction torque of the Elfin series cooperative robot only acts on the cross roller bearing, and its impact bearing capacity is 7 times that of the traditional cooperative robot, which can not only meet the needs of large torque in automobile and other industries, but also greatly improve the working life of the equipment. In addition, based on the self-developed vibration suppression algorithm, the robot makes the manipulator run at full load and full speed with almost no jitter, which can meet the higher requirements of lock screw applications.

In practical application, large robot with intelligent tightening system can complete screw tightening operation accurately, stably and from many angles, and can realize the integration of screw tightening and detection, and improve operation efficiency.

The big family booth is very busy, and all kinds of applications are brilliant.

In addition to welding, palletizing and screw tightening, in the four exhibitions at this stage, ethnic robots also displayed high-frequency applications such as CNC loading and unloading, intelligent 3D inspection, laser flexible marking, laser welding and other high-frequency applications, demonstrating the diversified applications of ethnic robots in the field of intelligent equipment, attracting many industry customers to visit and exchange.

Under the guidance of the "robot +" application scene, the large group of robots will constantly optimize and innovate cooperative robot technology and application capabilities, and serve the people with robot technology in a down-to-earth manner, centering on customer needs.

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