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The beauty of ink painting! IGame Wushan five elements graphics card to create national style desktop aesthetics

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iGame × Foggy Mountain Five-Element co-branded graphics card has attracted many DIY players 'favorite since its launch. There are three models in this series (RTX 4060, RTX 4060 Ti 8GB / 16GB). This hardware modeling design with Chinese style not only reflects the charm of Guochuang IP, but also integrates the freehand ink rhyme of ink painting art. As an all-round "five elements" hardware, it can meet the application needs of users in various scenarios. Whether it is office, entertainment or game, it can bring excellent experience to users. It is an excellent joint work that should not be missed.

Colorful Jingdong flagship store

When players create desktop aesthetics, they naturally need a set of hardware with the same tone as the construction. This table is based on the hardware and related desktop accessories of "iGame GeForce RTX 4060 FAMILY Fog Mountain Five Elements". Inspired by the original ink painting of "Fire Line Sealing Boundary" and "Wenren Yihang," the table is built in two colors of "black" and "white," and then supplemented by gold. This design emphasizes the Chinese ink element atmosphere of the desktop, creating a desktop aesthetic with national characteristics.

In addition to its extremely high face value, the all-round "five elements" hardware equipment also has extremely strong performance. Three different chipsets can be selected according to actual needs. The so-called "Five Elements" respectively represent video editing/large-scale games/ 3D rendering/graphic design/ AIGC, which can help users compete in full-scene applications and meet the diverse needs of "slash youth" with multiple identities. Whether it is used as an entertainment tool or a productivity tool, it can be easily handled.

Ink table overall use of white hardware, which chassis adopted "Xin Gu boundless 1 white", sea view room style chassis design with white hardware more transparent; and radiator adopted "Kunlun II360 iceberg version", round screen can use software to replace pictures, further highlight the ink painting atmosphere; and 6 "Xin Gu magic change 12" fans through white light effect to enhance the overall brightness of the chassis, more transparent chassis; Of course, there is also the "CVN Z790M FROZEN V20" motherboard as the hardware base. The three colors of black and white and silver are just right. With iGame Vulcan Goodwhite memory, it creates a strong visual effect. Finally, with the "Fire RGB" light effect of iGame× Foggy Mountain Five-Element Joint Graphics Card, players will be presented with a rare ink-style desktop beauty.

As an important part of the ink style desktop aesthetics, there are naturally "Five Elements Mask Badge" and "Fire Mouse Pad", two heavy objects, which are included in the iGame× Fog Mountain Five Elements joint graphics card packaging box in the form of accessories. Among them, the five-element mask badge represents the exclusive masks of five characters in the works: "Gold Line,""Wood Line,""Water Line,""Fire Line" and "Earth Line." The five-element mask badge has magnetic attraction function, which can be adsorbed on ferromagnetic objects to increase playability.

The "Fire Mouse Pad" adopts the original painting of Wenren Yixuan, the protagonist of the "Five Elements of Fog Mountain" animation, with black and white gold ink as the background color to create a visual impact. Its large size is 800*350*3mm, allowing users to feel the power of fire more intuitively. The player's mouse and keyboard can dance freely on this mouse pad, giving play to the player's highest level of strength and winning every game!

iGame × Wushan five-element joint graphics card is currently on sale on the whole platform. This all-round "five elements" hardware equipment can meet the user's all-round application needs, and can create a set of desktop aesthetics with strong ink painting rhyme with extremely high face value. If you don't want to miss it, start quickly and feel the power of RTX40 series products. It will become your excellent hardware partner!

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