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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra real phone is exposed for the first time: almost straight screen design, more square body

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24 (Xinhua)-- X platform user David Martin recently released a set of photos of the new machine with the caption "this is Galaxy S24 Ultra." Samsung whistleblower @ I BingUniverse retweeted and affirmed the photos.

As previously exposed, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a more square body, a flatter frame and a smaller arc of the screen edge than the previous generation. The new phone is closer to a straight-screen phone in terms of look and feel, with the upper frame almost at right angles to the right frame.

In addition, the lens arrangement of the new machine is the same as that of the previous generation, with four rear shots, retaining the S-Pen position. As can be seen from the picture, Samsung still does not flatten the lens with the fuselage, which is more prominent.

▲ image source David Martin, as previously revealed by blogger @ I Bing Universe, Samsung GalaxyS24 / S24 + colors include agate black, marble ash, cobalt purple, amber yellow, emerald green, sandstone orange and sapphire blue. Galaxy S24 Ultra offers at least 7 color options, including titanium black, titanium ash, titanium purple, titanium yellow, titanium green, titanium orange, titanium blue, among which titanium green, titanium orange and titanium blue are exclusive online colors.

In terms of configuration, the Galaxy S24 Ultra model is equipped with QHD + display screen, titanium alloy frame, built-in 5000mAh battery, supporting 45W charging power, and equipped with 200MP + 12MP + 50MP + 10MP lens.

For more information about Galaxy S24 Ultra, will continue to follow and follow up.

Update: according to blogger @ I Bing Universe, the exposure model is titanium gold.

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