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BYD's million-class supercar looks up at the U9 interior and reveals: suede + carbon fiber coating, dive dashboard

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 24, BYD's million-class luxury brand look up has just released the cockpit layout of the U9, and introduces the detailed design and some configurations.

The interior of the car is decorated with a large area of carbon fiber and fully covered with suede, and a symmetrical layout of "left and right mirror image" is formed between the main driver and the co-driver: both sides are equipped with a screen, and the central control is composed of the longitudinal central control screen, the instrument screen and the co-driver entertainment screen.

Officials call the interior of the new car a combination of a "double ring cockpit" and a "diving dashboard". The entire dashboard is in a low-lying shape, which officials say is like flying close to the ground. At the same time, the car is equipped with ambient lights, Xinghe smart screen and multi-functional all-in-one sports seat, which supports 8-way electric adjustment and provides shoulder, back flank and waist support.

According to previous reports from, BYD's look-up supercar platform made its debut during the Guangzhou auto show. The platform can achieve more than 1300 horsepower, an instantaneous maximum lateral acceleration of 1.7g, an understeering linear area of 0.72g, an acceleration pitch gradient of 33%, a brake pitch gradient of 20%, a steady roll gradient of 17%, a centroid height of 393mm, and a maximum ground clearance of the vehicle to 145mm.

Look up to U9 using the "door of time and space" design language, positioning million pure electric performance supercar, the whole vehicle is equipped with easy square power system, zero hundred acceleration reaches 2 seconds.

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