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Memory slips for the 20th Anniversary of Yingchi are available for sale: DDR5-7200 24Gems 2199 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 24 news, Yingchi recently released the 20th anniversary of the memory note is now on sale in, DDR5-7200 24G*2 specifications, the price is 2199 yuan.

IT House with Shadow Chi 20th Anniversary Star Yao memory Note is introduced as follows:

Yingchi 20th anniversary edition of Star Yao DDR5-7200MHz 24G*2 memory bar, using electrophoresis process treatment, showing a pure white outstanding appearance; the middle GALAX LOGO is made of silver relief technology, combined with the process forging design of the vest frame, the overall outline is distinct, the texture is outstanding Memory default aurora effect, with round 3D printing transparent lampshade, to create a dazzling RGB starlight, while supporting the four board factory light control software, can adjust the lighting effect.

The series memory preset 7200MHz high frequency options, 1.4V voltage, CL36 timing, support XMP3.0 one-button overclocking (users as long as the motherboard BIOS simply turn on the XMP function, you can enjoy the 7200MHz high frequency), with carefully selected Hynix DRAM particles and 10 layers of pure white PCB, can further unlock the higher frequency. Yingchi Xingyao 20th Anniversary Edition DDR5 7200 48GB (24 sets of strips) 2299 yuan direct link

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