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Hubson ACE 2 (built-in 4G) UAV comes on the market: 1-inch image sensor, starting at 4298 yuan

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens and independent photographers for their clue delivery!, Nov. 24 (Xinhua)-- UAV manufacturer Haberson Technology launched the Hubson ACE 2 drone in December last year, and now it has upgraded its Hubson ACE 2 (built-in 4G) model, which costs 4298 yuan for a portable dual version and 4498 yuan for a portable dual superversion.

The new version of the Haberson ACE 2 model has a built-in 4G function, which is ready to use. When the SyncLeas4 + picture is interfered or blocked, the system will automatically switch to the 4G link. In the previous version, Haberson ACE 2 needed to buy additional 4G modules.

According to, the Haberson ACE 2 UAV is equipped with an one-inch 20MP F1.9 large aperture image transmission sensor and the latest FineRGB 2.0 imaging system, which makes the camera better in a variety of visual scenes by withdrawing several key algorithms in ISP and extending it with the AI algorithm.

The fourth-generation flight control technology and the fourth-generation head technology are used in the Haberson ACE 2 UAV to improve the data fusion depth between the flight control attitude and the head attitude, and the angle jitter of the head is reduced from ±0.015 °to ±0.001 °. Further reduce the probability of water ripple in extreme attitude.

In night scene mode, the Haberson ACE 2 UAV has made in-depth algorithm optimization for night environment optimization, noise reduction and shadow reduction, so that the video shot is still delicate and clean in the night and other poor light environment. Night scene mode is automatically turned on when the light is dark, and no additional settings are required.

In terms of obstacle avoidance, Haberson ACE 2 UAV is equipped with the second generation visual perception obstacle avoidance technology (SVOA2.0). Through the cross-fusion of perceptual data through big data statistics and channel redundancy algorithm, the self-correcting ability of the whole vision system is improved, and the reliability and stability of obstacle avoidance function are improved without frequent visual calibration.

In terms of picture transmission, the Haberson ACE 2 UAV adopts SyncLeas4 + wireless digital image transmission technology, which supports 1080p 30fps digital image transmission of the farthest 16km.

In terms of battery life, the Haberson ACE 2 UAV is equipped with fourth-generation smart battery technology, supports a 12-month warranty and can be used at minus 35 degrees. The standard battery can fly for 40 minutes and the long-lasting version can fly for 53 minutes. Haberson ACE 2 standard built-in 4G coupon 4298 yuan coupon Haberson ACE 2 built-in 4G coupon 4498 yuan coupon

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