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China's first cross-prefecture-level nuclear energy heating project has been put into operation in Shandong Province, which can meet the winter clean heating needs of about 400000 people.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25, China's first cross-prefecture-level city nuclear energy heating project, the third phase of the national nuclear power project "Nuancore No.1", has been officially put into operation. Haiyang Nuclear Power supplies heat to Yantai and Haiyang City, while the heating area reaches Rushan City, Weihai, realizing the cross-regional sharing of zero-carbon heat sources. noted that the project can cover 6.3 million square meters of the main urban area of Rushan and is expected to replace 230000 tons of raw coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 420000 tons. The total heating area of "Nuancore No. 1" in this heating season is 12.5 million square meters, which can meet the winter clean heating needs of about 400000 people.

It is understood that since it was put into operation, "Nuancore No. 1" has built a total of 83 kilometers of nuclear energy heating management network, 11 first-class heat exchange stations, with an investment of nearly 4 billion yuan, and provided a total of 4.56 million gig coke with zero carbon calorie, consuming 390000 tons of substitute coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 720000 tons.

For the first time in the world, the project developed and adopted a new mode of nuclear energy cogeneration by using reheat regulating valve to automatically control the exhaust pressure of high pressure cylinder to realize nuclear cogeneration. New technologies suitable for large-scale steam extraction heating, such as electric and thermal control of stacker, safety analysis of nuclear cogeneration, long-distance heat transfer with large temperature difference, etc., have been developed.

Note: nuclear heating is to extract steam from the second circuit of the nuclear power unit as the heat source, carry out multi-stage heat exchange through the first station of heat exchange in the plant and the heat exchange station of heating enterprises outside the plant, and finally transfer the heat to the end user through the municipal heating network. In this process, there is only heat transfer, and there is no exchange of water and other media to ensure users' heating, cleanliness and safety.

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