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The birth of the first domestic hydrogen-fired large F heavy-duty gas turbine

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the delivery of intron clues! November 25 news, Shanghai Electric official account announced the successful realization of large F heavy-duty gas turbine hydrogen blending technology independent upgrading and demonstration verification, the test hydrogen blending ratio reached 7%, this is the first large F heavy gas turbine hydrogen-doped combustion transformation and scientific research project.

The hydrogen blending project of the gas turbine mainly includes a series of work, such as burner upgrading, monitoring and control system optimization, hydrogen mixing pry block and on-site installation and commissioning. notes that due to fossil fuel energy shortages and the emergence of the concept of carbon neutralization in recent years, researchers have begun to focus on the efficiency of renewable energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen energy has the advantages of high energy density, large-scale compression and storage, zero carbon emission and so on.

The related research results show that the addition of hydrogen to natural gas can increase the combustion rate and prolong the stable rarefied flammable limit of natural gas. In the process of transition to a hydrogen energy system, the combustion chamber must adapt to the rapid changes in hydrogen / natural gas mixture and fuel composition.

In the medium term, flexible gas turbines capable of burning hydrogen higher than the hydrogen / natural gas mixtures currently used must be developed. In the long run, gas turbines with full fuel flexibility (hydrogen and natural gas mixing, and pure hydrogen combustion) need to be developed, which requires long-term research and innovation.

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