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The elder brother all agreed: casserole fresh cheese yoghurt 2.8 yuan / cup start again (over 5.6 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [classykiss flagship store]

Castor fresh cheese fruit yogurt 100g *18 cups daily price 199.9 yuan, today can receive 150 yuan large coupon, pay 49.9 yuan POS EXPRESS, equivalent to only 2.8 yuan per cup:

Tmall Cass Fresh Cheese Fruit Yoghurt 100g *18 Cup Coupon 49.9 Yuan 150 Yuan Coupon Blueberry, Strawberry, Yellow Peach three fruit flavors optional ~

Qingdao offline supermarket daily price 16.9 yuan 3 cups, equivalent to 5.63 yuan/cup:

This yogurt contains 3.4g protein, mellow and smooth.

Whole big fruit + selected raw milk + 5 kinds of imported probiotics. It's really good to have a cup after dinner.

Although the shelf life is only 25 days, drink a cup a day, you can also drink it completely ~

The overall feedback from the old man who ordered the order was good. Interested friends can try it.

ingredient list

Baby Profile

Tmall Castor Fresh Cheese Fruit Yoghurt 100g *18 cups coupon 49.9 yuan get 150 yuan coupon

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