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The video conference demonstration was revealed, and Nvidia was sued by smart car business partner Valeo for theft.

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Thanks to netizens Baa Yang, soft media users 1520111 clue delivery!, Nov. 25 (Xinhua)-- tech giant Nvidia is facing a lawsuit over a video conference, BBC reported Friday. According to Valeo, Nvidia's partner in the smart car business, during an online demonstration of a video conference last year, Mohammed Moniruzzaman, a senior employee of Nvidia, "accidentally" showed a secret document that proved that he had stolen Valeo's technical secrets.

Valeo's allegations claimed that the documents leaked by the employee included Valeo's smart parking and driving assistance software source code, and that his theft was "so unscrupulous".

It is worth mentioning that this employee was an employee of Valeo before he joined Nvidia. It is said that the file path displayed on his computer screen is still "ValeoDocs". Some screenshots are attached to Details are as follows:

Valeo said the employee had stolen thousands of MB data when he was working at Valeo's German branch in 2021. Later that year, he joined Nvidia.

The clerk minimized the window after showing off his PPT. But there was something wrong with his screen-sharing interface: participants in the video conference immediately recognized the source code and took a screenshot before the employee found the error.

The employee was convicted by Germany in September of illegally holding the data, according to court documents. When questioned by the German police, he confessed to his actions and admitted to using the documents during his employment with Nvidia.

Valeo accused Nvidia of obtaining financial benefits from the stolen trade secrets and sought huge compensation and injunctions from the court. The lawsuit has been referred to a court in California.

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