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Carmicine CAMMUS launches C5 racing driving kit to provide immersive road sense feedback

2024-05-30 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

Looking at several direct-drive pedestal steering wheels on the market, the CAMMUS C5 can be said to be very competitive. It not only achieves the highest performance-to-price ratio of similar products in terms of price, but also has the high-end configuration of current direct-drive products and the world's first two-in-one pedestal steering wheel, which has brought a great shock to the whole racing simulator industry.

The biggest advantages of this new product, CAMMUS C5, are lightweight, portable and mobile. Convenient assembly and disassembly design, whether at home or dormitory, for student parties, travel parties, travel gamers, is a very good choice. The new CAMMUS C5 integrates hard core performance into a lightweight body lower than 3.6KG, the thickness of the overall 67mm, with 5Nm torque, uses a unique external rotor motor, direct drive servo base, and supports a variety of professional racing games on the PC side, with strong compatibility. No quick disassembly, no HUB, extremely fast response zero delay zero inertia wireless technology, smooth feel, accurate force feedback. Plug and play, as long as easy disassembly, 5 minutes at any time to assemble the racing cockpit, there is a laptop, you can feel the real track anytime, anywhere, really enjoy the passion of racing driving, lead everyone to gallop wantonly, appreciate speed and freedom!

The steering wheel set of the CAMMUS C5 racing simulator uses a direct drive base to give players a more real and exciting driving experience. Small size, large torsion, explosive force far exceeds the traditional base with the same torque. Different from the gear base and belt base used in traditional steering wheel products, the advantage of direct drive base is that it can simulate real wheel speed, stronger feedback and more real feeling, so that players can feel faster and more accurate response while driving. Ignite the passion of the track sprint and give the competition more possibilities.

20 sets of programmable buttons are provided on the steering wheel, 3 sets of knobs are given a mechanical feel, and you can freely deploy the mode that best suits you. At the same time, it has a double pick design for a smoother body feel.

Since its launch, the CAMMUS C5 has been well received for its professional design and state-of-the-art configuration. This time we have launched the CAMMUS C5 suite, which comes with the same portable CS5 bracket and CP5 pedal, right out of the box. CS5 bracket three kinds of angle adjustment, give ultra-wide field of vision, sensitive control, enjoy the fun of racing.

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