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Xiaomi has 8H Find intelligent cloud sense suspension electric bed: adjustable legs and back, starting from 2799 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, Xiaomi Youpin recently put on the shelves 8H Find intelligent cloud sense suspension electric bed, the public asking price from 2799 yuan. Click on this crowdfunding summarizes the configuration information of the electric bed as follows:

8H Find intelligent cloud sense suspension electric bed adopts bedless frame design, and supports three kinds of control: Mi App, Xiao Ai voice and remote control. Through App, you can lift your back in the morning and automatically adjust to the state of getting up.

The electric bed offers eight "comfort modes", including anti-snoring, TV, zero gravity, care, reading, e-sports, yoga and flat mode, with stepless adjustment in the range of 60 °of the back and 40 °of the leg.

The electric bed is also equipped with intelligent warm light belt, which can be used as night light and atmosphere lamp. Its built-in single-thrust 600kg motor, known as running the sound produced by ≤ 45dB.

The electric bed can choose three different mattresses, which are 20cm thick full support spring latex sleeping mattress, 25cm thick MZ1 zero degree cotton mattress and 15cm thick Schcott natural pure latex mattress.

The electric bed is available in two sizes: 1.5m and 1.8m. The prices of different specifications are as follows:

1.5m:2799 yuan of electric bed frame

1.8m:2999 yuan of electric bed frame

MZ1 zero cotton mattress set: 1.5m 3999 yuan, 1.8m 4699 yuan

TZ spring latex sleeping mattress set: 1.5m 4299 yuan, 1.8m 4999 yuan

Pure latex mattress set: 1.5m 4999 yuan, 1.8m 5999 yuan

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