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8558p and 8551C Intel 48-core 5th generation Emerald Rapids super-strong Platinum processors exposed

2024-04-23 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- news on November 25, after the exposure of the fifth-generation "Emerald Rapids" CPU of 8592+, 8580 and 8558U, there are now two Platinum 8558P and 8551C CPU appearing in the GeekBench run library.

Like the previous three Xeon CPU, the latest two are also compatible with LGA 4677 slot Eagle Stream platforms.

In terms of specifications, the two newly exposed fifth-generation Xeon CPU have 48 cores and 96 threads, but lack the high-capacity cache of the Non-P / C model.

Both 8558p and 8551C are equipped with 16 MB L3 cache and 192MB L2 cache, while the previously exposed 8558U is equipped with 260MB L3 cache and 96MB L2 cache. It is not clear whether it is a GeekBench recording error or a different Intel official configuration.

According to foreign media reports, attached five fifth-generation "Emerald Rapids" CPU with the following specifications:

CPU name revision / step core / thread cache base / acceleration frequency (MAX) DDR5 supports TDPXeon Platinum 8592VQS/A164/128320 MB2.0 / 3.9 GHz4 TB DDR5-4800 (8ch) 330WXeon Platinum 8592+QS/A164/128320 MB1.9 / 3.9 GHz4 TB DDR5-4800 (8ch) 350WXeon Platinum 8580QQS/A160/120300 MB2.1 / 4.0 GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 350WXeon Platinum 8580QS/A160/120300 MB2.0 / 4.0 GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch ) 350WXeon Platinum 8581VQS/A160/120300 MB2.0 / 3.9 GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 270WXeon Platinum 8570QS/A156/112300 MB2.1 / 4.0GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 350WXeon Platinum 8571NQS/A152/104300 MB2.4 / 4.0GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 300WXeon Platinum 8558PQS/A148/96260 MB2.7 / 4.0GHz4 TB DDR5-4800 (8ch) 350WXeon Platinum 8568Y+QS/A148/96300 MB2.3 / 4.0GHz4 TB DDR5-5600 (8ch) 350WXeon Platinum 8558QS/A148/96260 MB2. 1 / 4.0 GHz4 TB DDR5-5200 (8ch) 330WXeon Platinum 8558UQS/A148/96260 MB2.0 / 4.0 GHz4 TB DDR5-4800 (8ch) 300WXeon Gold 6554SQS/A136/72180 MB2.2 / 4.0 GHz4 TB DDR5-5200 (8ch) 270W in terms of clock speed The Intel Xeon 8558P CPU has a basic clock of 2.70 GHz and an acceleration clock of 3.20 GHz, while the 8551C has a slightly higher basic frequency of 2.90 GHz, but the same acceleration clock of 3.20 GHz.

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