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The self-built charging station of polar krypton energy has opened 31 provincial administrative regions except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 26 news, Polar Krypton announced that on November 16, the first station of Xining Zhonghui Wanda Plaza in Xining, the starting point of the "Qinghai-Tibet Line", was officially launched. At this point, 31 provincial administrative regions except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have been fully covered. previously reported that as of September, polar krypton energy access to third-party public charging guns exceeded 550000, and the national urban coverage exceeded 96 percent, of which high-speed public charging guns were nearly 160000, and high-speed charging guns covered more than 85 percent.

In Daqing, Nanning, Yunlin and other regions, polar krypton energy is connected to the third-party charging stations built by polar krypton car owners; in cooperation with nearly 40 mainstream charging operators, such as the State Grid, Southern Power Grid, Special call, Star charging, etc., Polar Krypton App charging map has been connected to the national 340 + city 520000 + scan code available charging gun, covering more than 3100 stations in high-speed service area.

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