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Kuaishou Kuaixin won the first place in the National Human Resources Service Industry Development Conference Human Resources Service Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

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Shulou( Report--

On November 22-23, the second National Human Resources Service Industry Development Conference was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Kuaishou was hired as a Beijing delegation enterprise in the conference human resources service innovation and entrepreneurship competition, after strict evaluation in the preliminary competition, semi-competition, final and other links. With the project of "trust-centered recruitment relationship and live broadcast mode", it stood out among 120 participating enterprises and won the first place in the country.

Not only the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, but also as the top event of the human resources service industry, with the theme of "stimulating the momentum of human resources to gather the strength of building a powerful country", the conference has set up four major activities: "meeting, exhibition, competition and hiring". Quick hire is also deeply involved in other activities of this conference.

During the conference, the two sides quickly signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ping an of China, and the two sides launched the service model of "recruitment employer Integrity liability Insurance", which provides perfect risk protection for the blue-collar recruitment industry and allows users to obtain more real job-hunting information. provide a better recruitment environment for enterprises, solve the difficulties of blue-collar users in finding jobs and entering jobs, and meet the employment needs of enterprises. To ensure the long-term, healthy and steady development of the live broadcast mode. It is reported that this insurance will explore to protect against the common disputes in the blue-collar recruitment process, such as illegal fees, false positions, false wages, wage arrears and so on. When job seekers lose money accordingly, the insurance will pay for them. Geng Kunlong, head of industry operations for Kuaishou Kuaishou, further said, "Kuaishou hopes to promote the ecological and sustainable development of the industry. In the future, Kuaishou is also willing to give more support to excellent employers for recruitment companies that participate in this insurance."

At the same time, during the conference, Kuaishou quickly attended the forum of "activating the human resources engine and promoting the leaping development of the industry", and at the signing ceremony of the representative of the investment project in Shenzhen, the representative of Kuaishou signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Yi Yudan, director of the Human Resources Bureau of Longhua District, Shenzhen. The two sides will carry out more all-round and deeper cooperation in the field of "live broadcast" and explore how to build a "live broadcast base". Through the live broadcast base better and more direct empowering recruitment agencies, providing "one-stop" services such as live broadcast venues, technical salons, training and research, to speed up the digital transformation and upgrading of the human resources industry, to achieve live broadcast plus offline "two-wheel drive growth".

In addition, Kuaishou Kuaishou comprehensively demonstrated the practice cases and achievements of enterprises in the field of human resources services through this conference, and attracted many enterprises to negotiate and consult on the exhibition site and hiring booths. On November 22 alone, a total of more than 500 companies came to visit, of which nearly 200 were interested in in-depth communication. Through live and online linkage solutions, quick recruitment of "live broadcast with post" mode will empower more small and medium-sized enterprises.

It is understood that Kuaishou Quick hire to build a new model of live broadcast with posts with trust as the center, to build new employment channels for blue-collar workers, college students, ex-military personnel, the disabled and other groups, and to achieve more accurate job matching. While enabling the high-quality development of the industry with digital capabilities, Quick hire is working with many parties to launch a special live broadcast for specific groups, expand job opportunities, reduce job search costs, improve employment efficiency, and create social value.

Data show that in 2022 alone, Kuaishou hired 250 million monthly active users, more than 5 million live broadcasts in the whole year, and a total of 240000 enterprises providing jobs. This year, Kuaishou Kuaixin announced that it will invest 1000 billion yuan to support businesses and help 300 million people find jobs.

As an important channel for recruitment and employment, Kuaishou Kuaixiang will continue to give full play to the advantages of the platform in the fields of flow and mode, and work with the government, associations, institutions, enterprises and other parties to jointly promote the digital transformation of the human resources service industry, promote high-quality and full employment, and help more people solve the employment problem.

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