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Why do astronauts receive underwater training before carrying out space missions?

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The gravity of the moon is only 1 stroke 6 of that of the earth. If the buoyancy of water is used to counteract part of the influence of the earth's gravity, walking under the water is like being on the surface of the moon.

Neutral buoyancy and neutral buoyancy flume training liquid or gas will be buoyant to the object immersed in it, the direction of buoyancy is straight up. There are three kinds of buoyancy: positive buoyancy, negative buoyancy and neutral buoyancy.

Positive buoyancy: the weight of the water discharged by an object or person is greater than its own weight, floating in the water or keeping floating on the surface.

Negative buoyancy: the weight of the water discharged by an object or person is less than its own weight, sinking in the water or staying at the bottom.

Neutral buoyancy: the weight of the water discharged by an object or person is exactly equal to its own weight, neither sinking nor floating, but suspended in a certain depth of water.

When astronauts stay in the low-Earth orbit space station, they need to carry out all kinds of space operations in the microgravity environment. In order to simulate weightlessness, astronauts often need to master the movement and attitude control of the body in the flume, as well as the characteristics, methods and skills of extravehicular activities. The neutral buoyancy tank training tank is so large that you can put a model of the 1:1 space station or spacecraft in it. This training will produce great physical exertion and test the physical fitness of the astronauts.

The origin of neutral buoyancy training Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (Alexei Leonov) was the first person to leave the aircraft while flying in orbit above the earth. Soon after, Ed White became the first American astronaut to leave the spacecraft in space. The astronauts did not receive neutral buoyancy training, but they all carried out the mission out of the cabin bravely. When they were out of the cabin, they only showed the movements of leaving and entering the aircraft, and did not carry out the EVA mission.

Since then, some astronauts want to carry out the EVA mission, but the problem has been exposed-working in a spacesuit is more complex and difficult than expected in the continuous weightlessness of orbiting space flight. Therefore, the space agency decided to further enrich the training of the EVA mission, which led to the update and development of neutral buoyancy flume related technology.

The underwater training of simulated lunar walking is different from the microgravity environment of orbital space flight. The gravity of the moon is 1 of that of the earth. The training of simulated lunar walking can also be carried out underwater, but different from neutral buoyancy training, it is necessary to create a negative buoyancy environment.

In addition to simulating the weightlessness environment, the moonwalk simulation mechanism will also install sand that simulates the lunar weathering layer to help astronauts adapt to the lunar environment in advance. V2X, for example, does this by building a replica lunar environment underwater-laying sandy floors, underwater with rocks of different sizes, and so on.

In addition, the organization that carries out the moonwalk simulation will also use the water column to train landing, take-off and other activities.

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