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Pure grain fermentation for 60 days: grain small liquor Luzhou-flavor liquor starts at 14 yuan (millet 23.9 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [official flagship store of Gu Xiaojiu]

The daily price of 500ml of cereal liquor S60 Luzhou-flavor liquor starts from 21.9yuan, but today it has been greatly reduced to 19.5yuan.

Add 5 yuan time-limited coupons and pay 14.5 yuan for free delivery.

Gold coins can also be deducted 0.58 yuan, after deduction only 13.9 yuan from a new low:

Tmall Valley small spirit Luzhou-flavor liquor 500ml digital light bottle S60 series coupons 14.5 yuan after receiving 5 yuan coupons 42 degree coupons 14.5 yuan (13.9 yuan after gold rush coin deduction), 52 degree coupons 14.9 yuan (14.3 yuan after gold rush coin deduction).

Millet has the same 42-degree current sale of 21.9 yuan, 52-degree current sale of 23.9 yuan: click here.

S60 Grain and Wine ingredients list: water, sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat, corn.

Tmall Valley small Liquor Luzhou-flavor Liquor 500ml Digital Light bottle S60 Series coupons get 5 yuan coupons after 14.50 yuan

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