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Shulou 10 billion subsidy: Shaoyin OpenRun bone conduction headphones 799 yuan + 12-phase interest-free

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Shulou( Report--

The market price of Shaoyin OpenRun bone conduction Bluetooth headset is 1098 yuan, and the daily promotion price is 849 yuan.

Today, 's self-operated subsidy of 10 billion yuan has been reduced to 799 yuan, supporting 12 interest-free periods: Shaoyin OpenRun bone conduction headphone trichromatic coupon after 799 yuan direct link 7 high-energy waterproof, rain-proof and riot sweat, open binaural design, exercise sweat can also ensure that the ear canal is always refreshing, silicone wrapped ultra-light 26g fuselage, comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Flexible titanium alloy rear hanging + ear hanging, with ergonomic ear-fitting design, balanced rear hanging structure, no matter how strong the exercise intensity is. Shaoyin OpenRun bone conduction headphone tricolor coupon after 799 yuan direct link

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