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The transaction price is more than 2614 million yuan! The beautiful account with Jiangsu tail number "999999" fetched a sky-high price.

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Thank netizens Shenzhen pretty boy for the clue delivery!, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) recently, a mobile phone number ending with "999999" set the highest auction price in the country at a judicial auction held by the court of Jiangsu Zhenjiang Economic Development Zone, reaching 26.145892 million yuan. noted that the auction of the beautiful account began at 10:00 on November 24, with a deposit of 20 yuan and a starting price of 100 yuan, attracting 720 bidders. After 24 hours of fierce competition, the beautiful account was bid a total of 2893 times, and finally sold at a sky-high price.

It is worth mentioning that mobile phone numbers ending with six "9" are not the rarest. Previously, a mobile phone number with a tail number of nine "6" appeared on the Ali assets auction website, with a starting price of 13.66 million yuan, but no one signed up for auction. In 2021, the people's Court of Liyang City, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province also auctioned a mobile phone number ending with "999999" and finally sold for 209000 yuan, setting a new high for such assets in the Changzhou District Court at that time.

For the sky-high auction results of this beautiful account, some netizens questioned whether someone maliciously bid up the price, or did not want it after the auction. In this regard, the court clearly reminded in the announcement that this auction is a criminal disposal of assets, please bid carefully, if someone maliciously raises the price in the judicial net auction and disturbs the judicial auction order, it will be severely punished by the law. At the same time, if the buyer repents after the auction is completed, he will not only lose the deposit, but also bear the price difference, cost loss and commission in the original auction. According to the court notice, the buyer is required to pay the balance of the auction through the bank or Alipay within seven natural days, that is, before December 3, 2023.

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