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OTA upgrade of Skyworth EV6 model SKYLINK 2.3: add Viv GPT, vehicle-road coordination and traffic recorder

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Shulou( Report-- November 26 news, Skyworth announced a few days ago for its EV6 pure electric model to bring SKYLINK version 2.3 OTA update, in the vehicle voice interaction, intelligence and other aspects of the upgrade.

The is summarized as follows:

The voice assistant realizes the "two-way interaction in the real sense": the user can say the navigation instructions through voice, can also receive the instructions while sending the instructions, and can talk to the voice assistant directly without the prompt word of "Xiaowei". To exit the listening state, simply say "quit" or wait 20 seconds.

V2X vehicle-road collaborative intelligent travel: through the analysis of real-time traffic information, the best driving route can be selected automatically, and the surrounding environment can be sensed by on-board sensors and camera system. At the same time, it can also provide real-time traffic early warning information for users through the road monitoring equipment, traffic regulations and road status provided by the Traffic Administration, so that users can change the route in time.

SKYLINK system butler: built-in car machine butler, can quickly clean up garbage files and application cache through "one-click optimization", and support deep space cleaning and network diagnosis.

Driving recorder: in the process of vehicle driving, the front and back four cameras will record at the same time, and can also intercept the current image picture and save it to a photo album. The image picture contains time, date, driving information and other content watermarks. The vehicle must be plugged into the USB to record the image.

Wei GPT professional model: claims to be good at common sense of life, social, entertainment, science and technology, academic and other fields, can provide users with a variety of problem-solving methods and consulting services.

Baidu network disk is added to the car machine to achieve a seamless in-car file management experience.

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